Excerpt from TV NEWS
SPEC 16 Magazine, June 1972
Late on the night of December 31, 1971, Pete Duel died by his own hand. His quick, warm smile, his graceful, swift movements and ready wit are no longer with us, except on ABC-TV's exciting--and now poignant--series, Alias Smith and Jones. After Pete's death, the part of Hannibal Heyes was courageously assumed by Roger Davis who--with the help, guidance and experiences of Ben Murphy--did an outstanding job against overwhelming odds.

In TV-land, as you may know, shows go into re-runs in the spring. So the happy, seemingly-carefree face of Peter Duel is once again adorning your TV screen. There is no way to erase the tragedy that took Pete from us, but for a few moments each Thursday night, you can once again enjoy the artistry of a supremely talented actor striving to give you his very best performance.

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