by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, November 1972


Well, here I am again folks...back on the trail of all anonymous Alias Smith and Jones addicts. I'll say it once again: Please, please, make sure that you give me your full name and address when you write, especially if you are enclosing a postal order for a Fan Club Wallet. I feel terrible when I'm stuck here with a homeless 75p postal order, because I know that whoever sent it will be watching out for the postman day after day--and blaming me for the delay too!

So do please remember to write your name and address clearly and in full. Oh, and while I'm on my bandwagon...don't forget to enclose those s.a.e.'s if you want to get a reply to your letters, will you?

Talking of letters...as I've been churning my way through the bulging mailbags recently, I've noticed that there seems to be an epidemic of Coffee Curiosity sweeping the country right now...What you want to know is: does Ben, or does he not, drink coffee? Right?

Well, the straight-out answer is that, by preference, Ben doesn't drink coffee at all. But it's not always quite as simple as that. You see, it's not a question of Ben not liking the flavour of coffee or anything like that. In fact, he can remember a time when coffee was almost his staple diet! But that was before he took up this organic eating kick. If you stick to that, it means cutting out anything that is not absolutely pure and natural in its origins...which means that all artificial stimulants (like tea and coffee) go right overboard.

Well, Ben reckoned that, if he was going into this style, he might as well go the whole way...so he said a fond farewell to coffee, too. And his verdict is that he feels a good bit fitter and healthier for it...Although he does admit the occasional backsliding to the coffee habit some mornings. Like he says: "I guess we all have those mornings--the ones when your eyelids seem glued down and there's that kind of heavy, dull feeling there in the back of your head--just daring you to put a foot out of bed."

At times like that (which are rarer than Ben's sense of humour would lead you to believe) he usually downs a vicious brew neat--strong and black.

Other times, if he's drinking coffee, simple because he's in a crowd of coffee-drinkers and he's been offered a cup--well, then, he spices it up a bit with a spoonful of honey and a generous helping of good, thick cream. You'll often find him drinking coffee that in that special style when he's among strangers. (He reckons he drank an awful lot more coffee than usual while he was over here in Britian, for instance.)

Ben feels it's far more courteous to accept the offer and take it up his style, rather than put folks out in a hunt for carrot, orange or apple juice! But, of course, his friends are always one jump ahead if they're expecting (or just hoping) that Ben will call round...They see to it that there is some fresh carrot juice or a can of pure orange juice in the fridge--just in case!

O.K.? I think that's all the fax I can muster on the coffee kick, so I hope that answers all your questions. Anything else you want to know...just write and ask, and I'll do my best to come up with the answers. It's all part of the service!

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