by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, December 1972

Hi, First of all, I want to thank you for all the marvellous letters I've received saying how pleased you've been with your Fan Club wallets. Well, I did tell you they'd be worth waiting for, didn't I? Still, I really appreciate the way you take the trouble to write and tell me!

I must say, a happy letter early in the morning seems to set me up for the day! And it's nice to know I'm in touch with folks who don't only write when they've got a complaint to make (goodness knows, I've had enough of those in my time!). I like people who can also put pen to paper when the boot's on the other foot!

In fact, a lot of you pointed out that I'd given a false impression when I told you about the Fan Club wallet - because you had ended up with more than you'd bargained for! That was because yours truly - in normal scatty fashion - completely forgot to mention the three groovy photos you get, in addition to the ‘Wanted' posters! I simply can't imagine how they managed to slip my mind... must have been because I got so carried away on the subject of the posters!

Now, I m going to cheat a bit and save myself a lot of extra work by answering hundreds of letters in one fell swoop! (Thank goodness for my page in Superstar - that's what I say!) So, if you're one of the people who have written in asking me about Roger Davis, please don't be disappointed if you don't receive a personal reply. ‘Cos this is it... coming up right now!

I have had so many letters asking when you will be able to see Roger on the box and I can understand just how you feel - I can't wait either! But you see, it's not up to me, or even up to the boys. And, so far, the Beeb has muttered sweet nothings and declined to commit itself! Which is all very frustrating, but can't be helped, I'm afraid.

I passed on to Roger a lot of the nice things you said about him and he was delighted to know he's made such a hit with you already, even if it is only through pictures. But he won't really be happy till he knows you like him, and can accept him, as an actor too. So you see, he's as eager for the more recent shows to be screened over here as we are!

I don't know how you feel, but I'd say there might be a good case for letting the BBC know about this, in the hope they might do something about it! I've got a nasty suspicion that they're getting a bit fed up with me pestering them on the ‘phone so often. But why not write and say what a good idea it would be if the most recent series were to follow on directly after the current set of ‘repeats'? After all, if I were there at the Beeb, I'd be only too pleased to know that one of my programmes was proving so fantastically popular! Not that I'd be the slightest bit surprised, of course... But, as I was saying earlier on, it's nice to get an enthusiastic letter once in a while!

Talking of enthusiastic letters, Ben and Roger have asked me to pass on their thanks for all the wonderful letters they've had from you. By the way, if you want to send them Christmas card and you don't want it to get lost wandering around the acres of sets and rooms at Universal, I'll willingly act as post-girl for you. But, if you are going to send your cards and letters through me, please be sure to post them so that they will arrive here at the Superstar offices by Monday 11th December at the very latest. And that doesn't give you very long - so get moving! Because anything arriving after that date will probably have to be held back until after Christmas.

Which reminds me that Ben and Roger asked me specially to wish every one of you a very happy Christmas from them - even if it does still seem a mighty long way away!

And, happy Christmas from me too, of course!

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