by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, January 1973

The other night somebody was saying to me that there are just two programmes that they make a point of never missing, one is Top of the Pops and the other, Alias Smith and Jones.

For some reason, our series has gathered a tremendous number of fans who would feel that something was very wrong if they were not able to switch on to their own special show every Monday night.

Of course, this is a bit of a sad time for all Alias Smith and Jones fans because we are coming up to the anniversary of Pete's death - which is something that none of us can push to the back of our minds and forget completely. Particularly as there he is on the box every week, the same smile, the same jokes, the same Pete Duel.

MCA, who make the series, have decided to stop shooting at present and so we will have to wait a bit to see whether or not they decide to start again. One thing that Ben Murphy mentioned when he was over here was that he wondered if the new show with a different companion would have the same impact as the old one with himself and Pete Duel. They certainly made a fantastic team and as Ben has said, a lot of the humour and things that happened in the shows were not rehearsed or written in the scripts - they just happened because Pete and Ben got on so well together and enjoyed what they were doing and the parts they were playing.

One odd thing about the show is that it has always been far more successful overseas than it is in the States. Nobody can explain why, perhaps Pete and Ben have more of a European sense of humour than an American one. Who knows?

So nobody's quite sure what is going to happen. But one thing we do know: although of course we cannot see Pete Duel again, unless the BBC decide to repeat the present episodes again, or if they show other films and shows that Pete appeared in, and that is that Ben Murphy will undoubtedly pop up in another series, so all Ben Murphy fans have got a lot to look forward to.

But, before I forget, let's not ease up on the Beeb. So far we're heard nothing definite from them about what's to happen after the present series of 'Alias Smith & Jones' is completed in May. We're all hoping that they'll show the new series with Ben and Roger Davis, but hoping may not be enough! So attention all Roger Davis fans (and of course all Ben Murphy fans as well): if you want to see that new series, let the Beeb know about it!!

And, last but not least, a sincere 'Thank You' from Ben and Roger for all the Christmas cards and presents you sent them. It was a bit hectic here for a while, but I managed to get the whole lot posted in time or Ben and Roger to receive them by Christmas.

Well, that's about all for now. I'll see you in February!

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