by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar, September or October 1973

It's not often that I 'phone the Beeb and hear just what I was hoping for! But it's happened! And I'd like to thank you for all you did to help make it happen. Well, you must have guessed what I'm on about by now... Yes! Smith & Jones will be back SOON--and it really is going to be a new series this time! How about that?

You'll be seeing the shows filmed during the very last season of our favourite Aliases, and not one of them has so far seen the light in Britain. That means, of course, that at long, long last you'll have a chance to see gorgeous Roger Davis in action on the box. I'll admit that stills are enough to make us all swoon over him here in the office, so we're really looking forward to an hour-long swoon-session every week!

I know it's going to be difficult for Roger, because he'll be taking over Pete Duel's part and I suspect that most of you find it pretty hard to think of Hannibal Heyes without seeing Pete's face and hearing his voice in your imaginations. It would have been so much easier for Roger if he could have come into the series as a different guy altogether--and I know he'd have felt happier that way. But he couldn't dictate to the film company–and we can't either!

But that's why I'm glad that you've already had a chance to get to know Roger a bit through the magazine. Because it means that he's going to seem more like an old friend, which is exactly what he'd like to become. He's got this thing about Britain and British people, you see...So he'd really get a kick out of knowing that you like him on the show. Well, he's been knocked out by the amount of mail he's received from you already--before you've even seen him act!

For Ben, of course, it's a bit different ... 'Cos you've already proved to him that he's got a very special place in your hearts-- which is why he's so impatient to get back here and see you all again!! That early Spring visit was still very much on the cards when I last heard from him, so keep your eyes, toes and fingers crossed! Right now, Roger's trying to work out how he can fix up a visit, too. So it looks as if 1974 might bring a double bonanza for all Alias addicts this side of the Atlantic! No harm in hoping, anyway...

Talking of double bonanzas, I trust you know all about the pair of posters that are going right now? What am I talking about? You've probably got them stuck on your wall or ceiling this very minute! Still, for those of you who are like me, and only ever find out about 'new' things when everybody else has had them a couple of months, I'll tell you a bit more! Both posters are black and white with sepia borders, and the faces looking out at you are--as you might expect--Pete's and Ben's. I hardly think I need to say more, except to tell you how you go about laying your hands on them! Well, as a first step, you go along to your local post-office and ask for a postal order. As I reckon that you'll want both posters, you'll need one for 60p including post and packing. But, if you're specially hard up this month, what with holidays and everything draining your pockets, don't despair! We thought of that little problem in advance. So you can get either one of the posters separately for only 30p including post and packing. And, when you see that one, you'll just have to save up till you can afford to send for its partner! Mark your envelope "Smith & Jones Poster", and don't forget to write YOUR name and address clearly enough for me to decipher it, or those posters might take an awful long time to reach you. . . like eternity!

Meantime, have a great holiday, won't you!

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