by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, June 1972

Have you taken a look into your local record shop recently? If you read "Superstar" last month, I'll bet you were round there right away to snap up your copy of the theme tune of "Alias Smith & Jones"! Full marks to MCA for helping to bridge the gap till Smith and Jones return to the box in the autumn!

Well, to get back where I started . . . When you walked into that record shop, did anything catch your eye?... Like a poster? Because MCA have really gone to town on this one and they've produced a really nice "Smith & Jones" ‘Wanted poster' to go on display in shops selling the disc.

There's only one hang-up, I'm afraid . . . You cannot buy this poster-- it's for trade display only. Shame! All the same, I thought you'd want to see it - well, I can't imagine you wanting to miss out on anything connected with the best Western show ever!

Latest bulletin from the States is very hopeful! They're revving up to get the series back into production at Universal Studios. Which is, of course, great news for all "Alias Smith & Jones" fans this side of the Atlantic too. Because it means that the BBC will be taking a look at this new series--and they should be buying it up for British TV as well!

But the biggest news out right now is that BEN MURPHY is actually in England as I'm writing this!!! And I reckon I must be one of the very luckiest people alive right now - because I will be meeting him in person! Of course, I'll be telling you all about it next month. At this minute I can hardly recognise my stomach ... or my head! The stomach is full of fluttering butterflies and my head's just in a whirl - I'm so excited.

So don't miss next month's report of my face-to-face interview with Ben!

Meanwhile I'm trying to find some 48-hour days from somewhere to give me a bit of extra time to answer all your wonderful letters and send information back to the thousands of you who have written in for details of the Fan Club! At the moment I'm having recurring nightmares about being buried alive under an avalanche of letters... Honestly, I'm in danger of it every morning!

Still, it's great to know how much Pete and Ben-- and the show--mean to you all. So, seriously, the more mail that comes pouring in, the better I like it! I just hope you'll understand if it takes me a while to get around to answering you.

I can see it taking me a month or so before I've even got a hope of getting up to date, so--once you've written to me--please leave it at that one letter and try to be patient. You see, if you write a second letter asking what happened to your first one, I get all confused and just don't know where I am . . . and the danger is that you will either end up with two application forms or--even worse–with none at all!

Right now, it's back to that mountain of mail. . . But I'll be surfacing to talk to you again next month!

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