by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, July 1972

I've still not touched down yet!

And It looks as though I'm likely to stay sky-high for an awful long time to come...Which is, after all, only to be expected seeing that, last month, I had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!

When I first heard that Ben Murphy was heading for London and that I would actually be meeting and talking to him in person--well, I was really excited! I've admired him for so many months from the other side of a TV screen, but this was the moment that I'd dreamed of. I already knew half the things I'd say to him--I'd rehearsed them through inside my head goodness knows so many times!

Now Ben would actually be there to hear them!! So there I was, convinced that my alarm bell would ring any minute and wake me up to a normal day. But it didn't. And when I was going up in the lift, about to meet him for the first time, half of me was bubbling like champagne with excitement, while the other half was suddenly seized with panic--suppose my tongue chose this moment to go on strike and refuse to say those things I wanted to tell Ben and ask him! But I needn't have worried one little bit. I realised that as soon as Ben's gorgeous, heart-stealing smile came my way and he took my hand as he said 'Hi", Wow!!!

Of course, it didn't surprise me one little bit that Ben was a nice guy--I'd know he would be all along. But, man, he was so fantastically nice, it just wasn't true! He was a wonderful person to talk to. It felt as though we were good friends after we'd only been together a few minutes.

Naturally, I had hundreds of questions I wanted to ask him, but they all just seemed to come along in their own good time and I found out the answers as we got to know each other better. Not that I was the only one who asked the questions though! Ben did his fair share too! He wanted to know all sorts of things: about London, about the rest of the country (he's promised himself that he'll definitely get to see a lot more of Britain next trip) and about our way of life in general.

He was especially pleased to see for himself how much his British fans think of him and to hear what we thought of the show over here. You know, he seemed to have got some crazy idea into his head that he wouldn't mean all that much to us--simply because he spent most of his time on the other side of the Atlantic! We'll, that's one idea he didn't have to carry back home with him.

Instead he took a whole lot of nice memories. And, before he left, he asked he to thank you for these and for being so wonderful. He wanted you to know how very, very much he enjoyed his stay here and that he'll be back at the very first opportunity.

In the meantime, through he'd like to keep in touch. So, if you'd like to write and tell him something about yourself, he sure would be pleased to hear from you. Only one thing upset him about this...you see, Ben would like to be able to answer every letter he receives personally, but--with the mail coming in at a rate of thousands of letters each week--he can't see himself ever bringing that off--especially as he doesn't even have a secretary of his own at the moment!

But he'll be using "Superstar" as a kind of secretary at this end of the line to keep him in close touch with all his British fans. So you can be sure of finding all the latest news on Ben and Roger right here in Superstar every month. I'll be happy to act as postman too. So, if you'd like me to forward your letter direct to Ben, send it c/o Liz Williams, Ben Murphy Fan Club, Superstar Magazine, 58 Parker Street, London WC2B5QB. And, if you want it to be sent on UNOPENED, please do say so on the outside of the envelope!

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