by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, August 1972

If there's one place where you could reasonably expect to be confronted by sudden hold-ups, I guess it would be in connection with a gun-slinging Western series! After all, hold-ups have been their stock-in-trade for centuries!

But I must admit that, when I started organising this Fan Club for the stars of Alias Smith & Jones, I was so excited and enthusiastic about the whole thing, it never occured to me that we might come up against any large-scale hitches.

You see, I had never been involved in running a Fan Club before, so I've had to learn the inevitable problems and pitfalls as I've gone along. Well, I suppose every great new venture has its teething troubles...

I know one thing: we've had our fair share--and a few extra besides! I just seem to get on delay sorted out and breathe a sigh of relief, when I look round--and there's another problem staring me in the face...It feels as through they're all waiting in a long queue outside my door, ready to jump in on me as soon as they receive the "Next Please" signal from the one before!

My one big blessing through all of this has been the way you have all stayed so wonderfully patient and I'd like to thank you for that very sincerely.

But, just in case any of you are starting to have your doubts and are about to reach out for that pen and paper, I'd like to tell you that I really am doing my best at this end to get your membership through and send you your wallets as quickly as possible.

There's just one really big problem at this end...I'm sure you'll be the first to agree that there's a limit to what I can do when the wallets still seem determined not to arrive!

I'm looking into it again right now and I can assure you that I'm not leaving a single stone unturned in my attempts to get some action around the place--fast! That's how I know the way you must be feeling, because, you see, I reckon I must be feeling every bit as frustrated myself!

I do hope to have some brighter news on this for you next time.

Ben and Roger were pretty upset to hear how everything was being held up over here. As they said, they feel so helpless to do anything about it from the other side of the Atlantic. But they do send you their love (which I reckon helps a great deal!). And they also asked me to pass on a really big 'thank you' from the two of them for all the truck-loads of mail they found waiting for them on their return from Utah.

"There was no sense in asking for it to be mailed on to us out there," Ben told me, "Because we hardly had a second to call our own right through the whole of that six-week stint!"

It certainly sounds as if they'll have to set quite a large hunk of time aside now they're back to their normal schedule at Universal Studios, if they're going to have any hope at all of catching up on their back mail!

They had a great time filming out on location and found it really refreshing to be able to get so many changes of scene...But they both agreed that, in many ways, it was good to be back at Universal!

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