by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, September 1972


You must have heard of a ‘one-man-band'... Well, right now, you've tuned in to your very own one-girl-factory!!! Ever since all the marvellous goodies for the Smith & Jones Fan Club wallets arrived, I've felt like a human production line--slaving awy to get them out to you just as soon as possible.

Yes! Those wallets are actually heading your way at long last...and, if you want my opinion, they're every bit worth waiting for--even if they'd been twice as long in coming! If yours has already landed on your doormat, you'll know exactly what I mean!

I hope you like the ‘Wanted' posters you get--they're very unusual and they're in the Fan Club wallet by very special request of Mr. Ben Murphy who took a very close interest in everything. O.K....let's just admit he more or less told us what to put in! I've got both of the posters stuck up on my bedroom wall--which is what I predict that you will be doing with yours too!

Now, for the benefit of all those who haven't had their wallets yet, I'd better tell you some more about the other Smith & Jones ‘specials' your membership gives you. Oh! First of all, I'd better tell you that the posters are 20" by 15"--just to be sure you'll have cleared a big enough space on your wall for them!

Now, maybe I can actually get on to all the other things....Because, in addition to these superb ‘Wanted' posters and, of course, your official membership card, you get some specially designed "Alias Smith & Jones" stationary--to prove, once and for all with every letter you write, that you are a number one fan of theirs!

Well, I suppose that's my cue to get back to my conveyor belt and start sending some more of those wallets out on the trail. If you sent your money quite a while ago and still haven't receive dyour wallet, please wait just a tiny bit longer...You see, I've got an awful long way to go before I even catch up with the waiting-list--let alone all the new orders that keep swarming in!

But I promise I WILL catch up pretty soon now (even if I have to work 23 hours a day to do it!). The only dnager is that I'll be runnin out of wallets before too long! So, if you haven't already sent for yours, now might be a good time to do something about it!

Your first year's membership cost only 75p and brings your wallet plus the prospect of lots of other Fan Club privileges in the future. Your subscription starts from the time I send off your wallet to you--NOT the time you applied for it. So anybody who has been waiting a couple of months since applying needn't worry about losing out from that angle. In fact, once you've joined the Official Smith & Jones Club, you'll find that you're winning out all the way!

All you need to do then is send a crossed postal order for 75p, made payable to SUPERSTAR MAGAZINE, to the following address: The Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club, c/o Superstar, 58 Parker Street, London, WC2B 5QB.

And make sure you write your own NAME AND FULL POSTAL ADDRESS clearly, so that your wallet will reach you safely. You've no idea how many ‘anonymous' postal orders I've received already! An ‘Alias' is one thing...but no name at all is a different matter altogether!

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