by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, April 1973

I don't know about you, but when I receive a letter, I always try to work out who it's from by the envelope first...Then, if I don't come up with anything that way, the next move is to open it and look straight at the bottom of the letter to see the signature.

Well, I did precisely that the other day, and I was puzzled!

You see, for a moment I couldn't think of anybody I knew with the name of 'Benjamin' (I'm often a bit slow to connect at that time of the morning!) Then I began to read the letter and everything suddenly fell into place!

And now, to get down to passing on some of the messages and news in Ben's letter...

First of all, I was charged to pass on Ben's thanks for all those beautiful Birthday cards you sent him. I know he must have had thousands by the vast numbers that passed through my hands (I seemed to be wading through Ben's Birthday cards for weeks!). And I'm sure a lot of you must have sent your cards by other routes.

Anyway, however your card got to Ben--he loved it, and he seems to think you're really marvellous that way you never forget him! (Hey, you'll be getting big-headed soon if you don't watch out!) Which reminds me--not that I really need reminding--that this is the month for wishing Roger Happy Birthday from every one of you. His Birthday's coming up on the 5th, so this brings very best wishes from all Alias Smith & Jones fans in Britain, Roger. We all hope you'll find the series that's really right for you very soon now.

Ben's been getting quite a few offers recently, and he told me all about them in his letter.

He was very tempted to take up the offer of a part in a movie to be filmed on location in Spain. But he turned it down in the end because the script was so bad:

"I suddenly realized," he writes, "that one of the main reasons I'd been so interested was at the thought of a return to Europe! But even that wasn't worth saddling myself with a part that would have left me frustrated and dissatisfied."

"The big trouble for anyone who's been in a series like 'Alias Smith & Jones' for a couple of years is that everybody can only see you as one sort of character...in my case, it's a cowboy. And, frankly, I'd like people to see me as something different so I'm just going to wait a bit longer fro the right thing to come alone."

I know I'm speaking for every one of you when I wish Ben good luck and remind him that whatever he chooses to do, we'll be right behind him!

P.S. I mustn't forget to add that some of YOU have forgotten to give an address that satisfies the G.P.O. I printed wallets to the following people, and they were returned to me marked 'insufficient address': [names omitted]

The annual subscription is nine 86p (by the way, the increase is due to the addition of the new V.A.T.). To join just send a cheque or Postal Order with your name and address to me, Liz Williams, 58 Parker Street, London WC2B 5QB.

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