by Liz Williams
British Alias Smith & Jones Fan Club Newsletter
Superstar Magazine, October 1972

Hello again,

Isn't it great to have our own show back on the telly box again! No more black Monday mornings... In fact Monday has suddenly turned into my very favourite day of the week again now that 'Alias Smith & Jones' are right back where they belong in their old time slot. But any time, any day would have been O.K. with me!

Did you manage to watch the first episode? If you didn't then don't forget to put a big red ring round every Monday date on your calendar for the future so you don't miss any more.

The BBC told me that they are going straight on and showing us the final three shows of this series which we missed out on last time. Then they're going to repeat all the best episodes with Pete and Ben in the star roles--so you'll have another wonderful chance to see one of the best duos ever to hit the TV screen.

And do try to enjoy the series, won't you? I know I can talk! But I'm certain that the last thing in the world that Pete would have wanted would have been for you to mope every time his face comes up on the screen. He was able to give the great performances he did because he was a natural actor who loved his work and got a big kick out of the thought that he could give other folks pleasure out of it at the same time.

And, man! he sure was some actor! I do hope you all managed to see him in that episode of 'The Virginian' a while back... The one where he was playing the legendary 'Robin Hood' type outlaw, Jim Dewey. He got every ounce of drama and humanity out of that part, it was just fantastic to watch. Do you know, for a few moments, he actually made me dislike him and believe he was going to turn out unprincipled and bad right through! Now, for Pete Duel to get that sort of reaction from me, he sure must have been acting his heart out. Because I find it just about as tough to admit that Pete could even act a really bad guy as I would to feel affection for a poisonous snake!

Actually, I seem to remember that was something of a jubilee week for all us Alias Smith & Jones addicts... I know it helped me to last out till the series started back again. Because, as I hope you saw, we also had two chances to tune into Ben Murphy during that week--as Joe Sample in "Name of the Game" and then when the Beeb finally screened an interview that Ben had with Michael Aspel during his visit to London earlier in the year.

Oh, boy! That really brought it home how important it is that Ben comes back for another visit--SOON!!! The chances are pretty good that he'll be right on over at the very first chance he gets... He reckons you gave him such a wonderful time on his last trip that he's just crazy to see some more of Britain--and of YOU!

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