ca. 1975

Ever since the first Olympiad was held in ancient Greece, sports of every kind have captured the interest and imagination of people throughout the world.

Universal's "Sidecar Racers" opening _________ at the ____________theatre, highlights a new sport native to Australia, where the theatrical motion picture was filmed in its entirety. Known as "sidecar racing" it is a daredevil variation of motorcycle competition, loaded with thrills, spills and danger; that is breeding a special group of enthusiasts. The action-adventure drama co-stars Ben Murphy, Wendy Hughes and John Clayton, with Peter Graves in a special guest appearance.

Sidecar racing is divided into three categories and although the same machine is used, the tracks differ. "Road racing" uses asphalt roads; "scrambling" takes place on natural terrain, while "speedway" utilizes a quarter- mile, loose-surfaced dirt track.

In Australia, the term "sidecar" is given to a small, close to the ground platform attached to the cycle. It is on this platform that a man called the "passenger," rides as a ballast, often suspended over the track at a dangerous level, while the driver guns his machine to at speeds well over 100 miles an hour. None of the machines is equipped with breaks.

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