Superstar Magazine, March 1972
FROM the time he was a teenager, Ben Murphy has had a travel bug. He was born in the quiet little town of Jonesboro, Arkansas, on 6th March. Then, when he was quite small his family moved to the Chicago suburb where Ben grew up...but he still hankered after something a bit more lively and go-ahead.

After grading from high school, Ben did what virtually amounted to a university tour! He's been a student at five universities, altogether, graduating with a degree in political science from the University of Illinois and then–a bit later on–-he also got a bachelor's degree in drama from the Pasadena Playhouse in Los Angeles.

In fact, Ben still keeps up his drama studies and goes to classes in acting, singing--and karate as well, actually--whenever he has the time.

But karate isn't his only sport interest--Ben's also a keen tennis player, swimmer, skier, and, of course, he loves horse-riding.

His energy must be never ending, because--as well as all this and his very demanding schedule as Kid Curry in the "Alias Smith & Jones" series Ben likes to go and see all the plays and films he can. Any spare time he has on his hands after all this (!!!) he maybe spends reading novels, or just relaxing in his Hollywood apartment a few minutes away from the Universal Studios.


Ben is still a bachelor ... so far! But with his groovy good looks, his clear blue eyes and blond hair, you can never tell how long he'll be staying that way.

Up to now he's gone an awful long way towards fulfilling some of his big ambitions. He's travelled all over the States and seen a lot of Canada and Mexico too.

Another of Ben's dreams turned into reality when he realised that he had made it to the top as an actor--although Ben would be the first to point out that there is always room for improvement.

After some small parts in stage and TV productions, Ben co-starred as a reporter on "Name Of The Game" and his appearances in that led to more offers–like a role in the film "The Graduate" and parts in TV series like "The Virginian", "The Outsider" and "It Takes a Thief".

Ben's current role as Kid Curry, alias Jones, is certainly one of his favourites so far and he has no plans for leaving the series at the moment.

P.S. Ben is 5'11" tall and weighs 170 lbs.

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