Superstar Magazine, March 1972
YOU know that feeling you get sometimes...that you've seen a face somewhere before but you can't quite place it? Well, that's exactly the sort of feeling that thousands of devoted fans of "Alias Smith & Jones" will be getting the first time they see a picture of Roger Davis.

And there's a very good reason for it too...because the chances are that you have, in fact, seen him before--when he appeared in an earlier episode of the series!


Things have changed a lot since then though, because he was playing a charming (and exceptionally good-looking) villain! But from now on, as Pete Duel's replacement, blond, blue-eyed Roger will be sticking right alongside Ben Murphy in his role as Hannibal Heyes, alias Joshua Smith.

Roger, who is 6'1" tall and weighs 165 lbs., was born in Louisville, Kentucky (his Birthday's 5th April). He'd already made quite a name for himself while he was still at high school in Tennessee...As cross-country running champ and winner of an eight-state debating competition, Roger was somebody who really stood out from the crowd.

He was a keen amateur actor too, and while he was at Columbia University (where he majored in English Literature) Roger spent as much time as he could spare--plus a bit that he couldn't really!--acting. He took drama lessons and in his vacations managed to get work with the New York City Repertory theatre...and you have to be pretty good for them to be interested!


So it wasn't much of a surprise to Roger's friends when he got his first big acting break with the TV role of Private Roger Gibson in "The Gallant Men".

In fact, he gave up a job as an English lecturer to take the part and from that time Roger just never had to worry about looking for work...the parts have always come looking for him.


Among other things, he's appeared in the "Dark Shadows" series lots of times--always with a different identity. And he had a big stage success in the title role of "MacBird".

Roger and his wife live in Los Angeles, within easy reach of the Universal Studios.

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