SPEC 16 & Loving Fashions, August 1973
Ben Murphy, a truly rugged hunk of muscled man, is secretly longing to 'become"a singer!! Yep, blond ‘n beautiful Ben would love to be cast for a part that requires him to sing! So far, he's only had a chance to display his dramatic and comedic acting talents, but deep down inside that magnificent exterior there lives a golden voice!

Since Ben is no longer in a weekly series, he has been able to act in many diverse roles. His most recent TV appearance was in an ABC MOW called "The Letters" in which he played a footloose motorcycle enthusiast. But the real Ben, who occasionally bikes in the high desert would never ride a motorcycle in the streets--he considers that much too dangerous! While he's waiting for that perfect part, Ben has been traveling and doing plenty of keep-in-shape exercises. Keep your love for Ben in shape by writing to him at Bob Raision & Assoc., 9000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90069.

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