Excerpt from TELLY TIME
16 Magazine, October 1971

All You "Telly Time-ers" in the Los Angeles area have quite a treat in store this coming TV season! Network KCET's "Hollywood Television Theatre" will be presenting "The Scarecrow", a made-for-TV special dramatic production starring Pete Duel! Pete originally got into acting by studying for the theatre, so doing "The Scarecrow"--which is TV theatre--is something this ambitious young actor really enjoyed...Did you see that other cowboy cutie, Ben Murphy, when his guest-starring role in ABC's "Mod Squad" was recently repeated? He really looked great! Here's more good news about Pete and Ben. The first episode of "Alias Smith and Jones" for the 1971-72 TV season will be 90 minutes long--a full hour and a half instead of the normal 60 minutes! This special first segment airs on Thursday, September 16, at 7:30 P.M. (ET) on ABC-TV. Don't miss it, cos it means an extra half-hour of those two telly dolls--Pete and Ben!
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