Unknown UK publication, 1976 or later

Ben Murphy's got hordes of devoted fans in England after his long-running, successful series 'Alias Smith & Jones', not to mention his part as 'The Gemini Man'. But sadly, 'The Gemini Man' disappeared for good far too soon...

"IT WAS SO upsetting," said Ben. "The series was meant to run originally for at least twenty or so episodes but after we'd done about nine the company behind it all suddenly decided to pullout!

"As far as I knew the popularity ratings were doing okay and I know you folks in Britain liked it well enough 'cause I got sacks of mail from y'all. I really enjoyed making that series you know, so I took it pretty hard when they told me it was all over.

"I felt really lost--y'know, like a part of me was missing. It took me quite a long time to get over it--I had to bury myself in other work to shake off the feeling that I was still The Gemini Man!"

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