Excerpt from TELLY TIME
16 Magazine, May 1971
BRAVO to the people who thought up ABC's great new show Alias Smith & Jones! It's one of the most fun-filled hours on TV and the stars--Pete Duel and Ben Murphy--are so-o-o groovy! Pete squeezed in a guest appearance a while back on ABC's Marcus Welby, M.D. and he was terrific as a young Indian medical student. His younger brother, Geoffrey Duel [sic], is also an actor and he played an Indian on CBS-TV's Medical Center! (Remember--if you missed seeing any of your favs on TV this season, watch for them when the shows go on summer re-runs!) And didya know that super-looking Ben Murphy had a role in the film The Graduate? 'Tis a fact! Ben is quite a singer as well as a great actor. He took voice lessons for some time, so don't be surprised if this talented young star cuts a record soon!

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