Pete Duel
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Interviews with Pete or Non-Teen Items
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    Interviews with Pete or Non-Teen Items:

  1. Excerpts from the Playbill of the off-Broadway play Take Her, She's Mine, in which Pete had a small role, 1964. The playbill contains 30 photos, but Pete is only in the very last one.
  2. Excerpts from Take Her, She's Mine, the play in which Pete appeared in 1964. This was kindly prepared by Brendacious, who provides information on the play and the dialogue of scenes in which Pete appeared. It has been left in Microsoft Word format (as Brendacious provided) so that it would be more readable. You'll need Microsoft Word to open this.
  3. "Face in the Mirror. Pete Deuel: Gidget's Brotherly Brother-in-law", TV Radio Mirror, May 1966. Face in the Mirror was a one page profile that appeared in each issue.
  4. Call Sheet for Love on a Rooftop Episode "My Husband, the Knight", June 22, 1966.
  5. "Preview: 'Love on a Rooftop'", Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, TV Weekly, July 24, 1966. This is the second oldest interview with Pete on the website. Some of Pete's comments about Love on a Rooftop also apply to AS&J.
  6. Excerpt from "Bright New Faces Going Places", Screen Parade, August 1966. A photo and paragraph.
  7. "Love on a Rooftop", TV Guide, ca. September 1966. New show write-up for the series, plus an ad for the new short. Courtesy of Cynthialil.
  8. Short item on Love on a Rooftop, unknown newspaper, 1966. Thanks to Cynthialil.
  9. "Deuel in the Sun", TV Photo Story, October 1966. An early interview with Pete, which includes a couple of interesting and rare photos.
  10. Excerpts from "Judy Carne--Brash, Confident, SCARED!", TV Guide, October 15, 1966. I have the complete article but only statements about or said by Pete are given here.
  11. "Love on a Rooftop", ABC Photograph, November 15, 1966. Photo and caption.
  12. "On Location with Love on a Rooftop", Detroit Free Press Weekly TV Magazine, November 27, 1966. Includes some interesting color photos.
  13. "Love Deuel", TV Radio Mirror, December 1966. The magazine index titles this as "All the Girls Love Pete". A photo shoot with starlet Indus Arthur.
  14. Production Notes, "Love on a Rooftop", Screen Gems, 1966. Thanks to Dawn.
  15. "$65 Apartment for Young Star", unknown newspaper, 1966 or 1967. United Press International interview with Pete. Sent by Ana.
  16. "Barefoot Boy", Glendale News Press TV Week, January 28, 1967. This great article comes to us from Wendy. For larger versions of the two photos that show the most detail in Pete's apartment, click here and here.
  17. "judy carne & peter deuel: the love-hate syndrome", TV Radio Annual, 1967.
  18. "Love on a Rooftop's Peter Deuel 'At 20 I Picked a Girl of 13 for My Wife'", TV Radio Mirror, January 1967. It's obvious that this was before Pete had much experience with interviews. The article's photo is a reverse image. Click here to see it in the correct orientation.
  19. "Review: Love on a Rooftop", TV Guide, January 7, 1967. A review by critic Cleveland Amory. Click here to see a photo of Pete from an ABC ad in this issue of TV Guide.
  20. "The Fan Letters I Answer First!", Movieland and TV Time, February 1967. Includes many quotes from Pete. Sent by Ana.
  21. Excerpt from "A Party for Bobby", Movieland and TV Time, February 1967. Short item on Pete.
  22. "Peter Duele [sic]: 'It Happened Just Like That--POW!'", TV and Movie Screen, February 1967. The writer spelled his name right; the title typesettist did not. This must have been one of Pete's first interviews. There are lots of interesting photos here, but they will take a while to load. At the time these photos were taken, Pete and the girl in the photos, Indus Arthur, shared the same agent.
  23. "Four Lonely Bachelors", TV Inside Movie, February 1967. Only the Peter Deuel section given here. The cover photo has a reverse image of Pete. Click here to see it flipped to the correct orientation. Thanks to Asialee.
  24. "Peter Deuel: He Kisses The Girls And Makes Them Cry", Modern Screen, March 1967. A long interview with Pete. Two articles in one: happy-go-lucky 20-something bachelor and suicidal teenager (chilling!). The photo is a reverse image. Click here to see it in the correct orientation.
  25. "Deuel with Death", Movie World, March 1967. An interview where Pete discusses his potentially fatal traffic accidents and his love of aviation.
  26. "Gossip/Gossip/Gossip" and "The Scientific Matchmaker", TV and Movie Screen, March 1967. It's probable that Pete and Sally met while working on Gidget rather than at a party. Although Pete and Sally were in the main photo for an article on computer dating, they weren't mentioned in the article and I seriously doubt that they were paired up by a computer.
  27. "Lovers on roof-top: Judy Carne, Peter Deuel", TV News (Indianapolis, IN), March 11, 1967.
  28. "Why There's NO LOVE Off That Rooftop!", TV Photo Story, April 1967. An interview with Pete and Judy Carne.
  29. "Peter Deuel Confesses: Gidget may marry her sister's husband!", TV Star Parade, April 1967. Sent by Ana.
  30. "Six Guys with Girl Trouble", Photo TV Land, April 1967. A cool photo of Pete with socks. The girl in one of the photos is probably actress Katherine Crawford, who is the daughter of AS&J executive producer Roy Huggins.
  31. "'Divorce' On A Rooftop!", Photo TV Land, April 1967. An interview with Pete and Judy Carne.
  32. "Hot Off The Press! The Torch Burns Bright. Sally Field-Peter Deuel", TV and Movie Screen, April 1967.
  33. Excerpt from "Gossip! Gossip! Gossip!", TV and Movie Screen, April 1967. Mr. Fats? If studio officials thought that too, no wonder Pete ended up so thin by 1969 (e.g., his The Virginian "Price of Love" appearance).
  34. Excerpts from columns, TV Picture Life, April 1967. WAIF stands for World Adoption International Fund, which was founded by actress Jane Russell in the 1950s.
  35. "Judy Carne and Peter Deuel: They Love On......and Off That Rooftop", Silver Screen, May 1967. The article is primarily about Judy, but there is some text on Pete and some great photos of the two of them. (I've placed most photos after the text.)
  36. "Judy Carne and Peter Deuel: Kiss or Kill!", Screen Stories, May 1967. Talks about how they get along on the set of Love on a Rooftop. The page seam runs through the picture.
  37. "Love is a Crazy Cycle", TV Radio Mirror, May 1967. The original magazine had 3 pages of pictures, so this may take a while to load. I think that it will be worth the wait.
  38. "Peter Deuel: Confesses: I'm in Love with an Older Woman Who has Two Children", Photoplay, May 1967. An interview with Pete discussing his relationship with Jill Andre.
  39. Excerpt from "What's New? Eunice Field's Hollywood", TV Radio Mirror, May 1967. A paragraph and photo about Pete.
  40. "The Latest Love Score: INSTANT FAMILY!", Movieland and TV Time, May 1967. Essentially a photo and caption.
  41. "The Final Ride for Love on a Rooftop", TV Channels, Detroit Free Press Weekly TV Magazine, May 21, 1967. A nice color photo with a paragraph about the show's cancellation.
  42. "A Hard Guy to Love", Movie TV Secrets, June 1967. An interesting interview with Pete.
  43. "Peter Deuel: 'We're In Love--But We're Not Getting Married!'", TV Picture Life, June 1967. A long interview with Pete discussing his relationship with Jill Andre.
  44. Excerpt from "TV's Lonely Bachelors", Photo TV Land, June 1967. Only the Peter Deuel section is given here.
  45. "Peter Deuel: 'Don't Dare Me--I May Do It!'", Movie Life, June 1967. A long and interesting interview with Pete. (It's probably the longest interview on the website.)
  46. "The Unhitchables: Peter Deuel", Movie TV Secrets, July 1967. Other bachelors in this article were Lee Majors, Adam West, Ron Ely, and Chris George. It appears that by 1971 the second sentence under the Peter Deuel subheading was no long applicable.
  47. "Peter Deuel 'I Have to be the Best' So what else would you expect with parents like these?", Motion Picture, August 1967. A nice interview where Pete talks about his home life.
  48. Excerpt from "The Male Point of View Part 2: 8 H'Wood Bachelors Tell 'What I Want from a Woman'", Movie Stars, August 1967. Only the section with quotes from Pete is given here.
  49. "Peter Dueul [sic]: 'I Even Thought I'd Kill Myself!", Screen Parade, August 1967. Chilling!
  50. "Peter Deuel: A Case of Father Knew Best", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle TV Tab, August 13, 1967. Click here to see an expanded and clearer version of the photo.
  51. Excerpt from "Special Hollywood Report! How the Top Stars Feel About LSD, Divorce...and Alcoholism", TV and Screen World, September 1967. Short, but with a quote from Pete. They didn't ask every question to every star. Needless to say, no one spoke favorably towards LSD, divorce, or alcholism.
  52. "'I'm Everybody's Sister But Nobody's Girlfriend'", Movieland and TV Time, October 1967. An interview with Sally Field during a period when she was dating Pete. There are many photos, which I've placed at the end. Unfortunately, none are of Pete. Thanks to Jacquie and to Mary.
  53. Excerpt from "Sally Field's Problems with Men", Modern Screen, October 1967. A very short excerpt where Sally mentions Pete.
  54. Excerpt from "The Flirty Dozen: 12 Eligible Bachelors Tell Why They Plan to Stay That Way", Movie TV Secrets, November 1967. The Pete section is given here.
  55. Excerpt from "Why Sally Field Can't Fall In Love Now", TV Radio Show, December 1967. Just the quotes from Pete are given here.
  56. "TV Favorites: Peter Deuel", Photoplay Album, 1968. Even in the original magazine, it isn't clear what Pete is feeding Sally.
  57. "28549-98", February 1968. A publicity photo for "The Good Hearted Badman", an episode of The Virginian in which Pete guest-starred. Thanks to Jeane.
  58. "Peter Deuel Y Su 'Nidito De Amor' En La Playa", TeleGuia, March 1968.
    Two full page scans in Spanish from a Santiago, Chile magazine. It isn't clear that Pete and Indus Arthur had a real life romance, but they did share the same agent (Ray Powers) who booked them on publicity photo shoots such as this.
  59. "Peter Deuel and His Little Love Nest", TeleGuia, March 1968. Thanks to Gilly, the English translation of the Spanish article above.
  60. "Actor Campaigning Here", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 17, 1968. Includes quotes from Pete. Thanks to Ana.
  61. "Did You Know? Postponed!", Movieland and TV Time, September 1968. A photo and caption on Pete and girlfriend Beth Griswold.
  62. "The Hell with Heroes", Screen Stories, September 1968. A long synposis of the movie. Unfortunately, Pete's name is not mentioned (but he is in one photo). He played the role of Mike Brewer.
  63. "Marriage: Now, Wait a Minute Says Deuel", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 8, 1969. Newspaper article on Pete's romance with Generation co-star Kim Darby. Sent by Ana.
  64. Excerpt from "Where has all the glamor gone? Hollywood's New Style Setters??!!", TV and Movie Screen, July 1969. How do you like this outfit?
  65. "Suddenly It's Fun to Be Kim Darby", Motion Picture, November 1969. Missing some text, but has interesting photos of Pete. I made the last two pictures big so that you could get a good look at the goatee.
  66. "The Strange, Lonely World of Kim Darby", Modern Screen, November 1969. The last third of this discusses her relationship with Pete.
  67. "Kim Darby: All Wrapped Up in the Wrong Man", Modern Movies, November 1969. This writer has strange ideas about what is "bad"--but then she can't even spell Deuel (or perhaps Duel, by that time) correctly. Also, while this article said that John Wayne and Kim were friends, in several interviews Kim said that Wayne treated her with no respect on True Grit and that they did not get along well.
  68. Poster from Press Packet for the movie A Time for Giving (aka Generation), 1969. The files are big in order to keep the text readable. Sent by Dawn.
  69. "Career Breakthrough for Peter Duel", Press Packet for A Time for Giving, 1969. Insightful and sad. From Dawn.
  70. "Kim Darby, Peter Duel Discover Each Other for 'A Time for Giving'", Press Packet for A Time for Giving, 1969. From Dawn.
  71. "The Story in Six Pictures", Press Packet for A Time for Giving, 1969. From Dawn.
  72. "A Hairy Problem is Solved!", Press Packet for A Time for Giving, 1969. From Dawn.
  73. Ad Sheet for Generation, 1969. This a sheet that was sent to newspapers for use in producing their ads. It's too bad that Pete's name wasn't more prominently featured in the ads.
  74. "Love is the answer to a lonely heart!", Movie Mirror, 1969 or 1970. An interview with Kim Darby, during the period she was dating Pete. Thanks to a fan in the UK.
  75. "Cannon for Cordoba", Variety, January 1, 1970. This is an abridged version of the original review. Thanks to Jo.
  76. "Gloom, Doom and Love: An Actor's Concerns", Rochester Times Union, January 16, 1970. Newspaper interview at Pete's parents' house. From Ana.
  77. "Movies: One Premiere Announced", Rochester Times Union, January 31, 1970. Short item on the movie Generation. Also thanks to Ana.
  78. "'Generation' Vastly Funny; A Score for Peter Deuel", Rochester Times Union, February 5, 1970. A review by the Rochester area entertainment writer. Sent by Ana.
  79. "Generation", Screen Stories, February 1970. Long summary of the movie's plot, with photos.
  80. "Peter Deuell [sic]: The Man Who Tamed Terrible-Tempered Kim Darby", Movie World, February 1970. More on the saga of Pete and Kim, with numerous quotes from Pete. Thanks to Ana.
  81. "Generation", Screen World, Vol. 21, 1970, p. 107. Info and photos on the movie. Screen World was a series of books discussing each year's theatrical releases.
  82. "Pete, A Restless Conservationist", Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, February 27, 1970. Pete's 30th birthday, which is given as the day of the interview, was February 24, 1970.
  83. "Young Country Shows its Spiritual Home of Origin", Hollywood Reporter, March 19, 1970. A review of the TV movie starring Roger and Pete.
  84. "Kim Darby & Peter Duel: In Love At Last", Silver Screen, April 1970. Although there are some quotes from Kim, this is primarily an interview with Pete.
  85. "Kim Darby: Why She Can't Keep Her Hands Off Leading Men", Photoplay, April 1970. The main leading man in question is Pete.
  86. "Kim Darby: A Surprise Wedding!", Photoplay, April 1970. Yes, in the same magazine issue as the article above. They must have put this together fast--it isn't even in the index.
  87. "Peter Duel Has My Sympathy", Silver Screen, May 1970. Title is a quote from Kim Darby's new husband. From Ana.
  88. "Kim Darby Defends Her Hasty Second Marriage: "I've Never Been More Sure of Anything in My Whole Life!", Screen Stories, May 1970. Discusses Pete briefly and includes a photo from Generation.
  89. "I Need Love to Survive", Motion Picture, May 1970. More about Kim Darby's rapid marriage.
  90. "Hometowners in Hollywood. Deuels in the Sun: Peter, Geoffrey", Rochester Times Union, June 20, 1970. From a series of in-person reports on Rochesterians in Hollywood. Thanks to Ana.
  91. "He Was Like a Stranger to Me", Motion Picture, July 1970. This doesn't mention Pete, but it does give Kim Darby's version of the breakup of her short-lived marriage.
  92. "Fast Fun in the West", Vogue, August 1, 1970. A fashion photo shoot.
  93. "Kim Darby's Second Chance for Happiness. Why Her New Marriage Couldn't Work" , Movie TV Secrets, October 1970. An interview with Kim. Near the end of it, she briefly discusses her relationship with Pete.
  94. "Kim Darby Will Never Be Happily Married", Movie Life, October 1970. Mentions Pete briefly, including a photo. Sent by Pamela.
  95. Excerpt from "Kim Darby/Bruce Davison: Free Ride To A Lover's Eden!", Movie Mirror, October 1970. Not much on Pete, but tells more of the story about Kim. I've only included enough here to give you the jest of the story. In the same magazine, there's a gossip column item saying that Kim had also started dating her first husband, Jim Stacy, again after her second marriage failed.
  96. "The Psychiatrist", unknown newspaper, December 16, 1970. A review, from a writer with a unique way with words. Thanks to Ana.
  97. "TV Review: Film Focuses on Drug Abuse", Los Angeles Times, December 16, 1970. A review of Pete's TV movie The Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children. Thanks to Jo.
  98. Several TV Page Listings, Syracuse Herald Journal, 1971. These are from TV guest appearances by Pete. Thanks to Alice.
  99. "The Psychiatrist bows--and with it a personal statement", TV Times (Los Angeles), 1971. Mainly a story on the show's producer and writer, but there's a photo of Pete. Sent by Ana.
  100. "Smith and Jones, Just Highwaymen", Los Angeles Times, January 4, 1971. TV writer Cecil Smith's column on AS&J. This includes quotes from Pete. Sent by Ana.
  101. "Filming New Series Hectic", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 17, 1971. Includes quotes from Pete. Sent by Ana.
  102. "A Country Boy: Pete Duel Prefers the Great Outdoors", Dallas Morning News, February 11, 1971.
  103. "He Prefers Duel to Deuel", Boston Sunday Globe TV Week, February 14, 1971. An interesting interview with Pete where he tells, among other things, why he changed his stage name.
  104. "Far From Freeways", Unknown Newspaper, 1971. A short interview with Pete on camping and his love of nature.
  105. "Pete's Not Convinced He's Lucky", New York Sunday News, April 25, 1971. Sinister looking? The microfiche print that I have ends in mid-sentence. A column of the article must not have been printed out. Does anyone out there know what the rest of this says?
  106. Excerpt from "It's Double-Exposure Week", The Philadelphia Inquirer, May 9, 1971. A photo and caption with Judy Carne.
  107. "He's Alias Smith or Alias Jones--but either way it's not the image that seems to fit Pete Duel", TV Guide, May 15, 1971. An interesting interview with Pete, courtesy of Lisa.
  108. "Alias Pete Duel & Ben Murphy: Outlaws On the Lookout for In-Laws! Why They Both Need To Get Married", TV Family, June 1971. Two of the Heyes photos were reverse images which I flipped. The author is apparently unaware of Pete's co-starring role in Love on a Rooftop and of his girlfriend Diane Ray.
  109. Ad for "Gidget", Syracuse Herald Journal, June 6, 1971. Sent by Alice.
  110. "Personal Life Stories of Your Fav Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, July 1971. Just the Pete and Ben sections here. The same write-ups appeared in the October 1971 issue of this magazine.
  111. "Profiles on TV's Sexy New Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, July 1971.
  112. "Round 2 for ABC's 'Alias Smith and Jones'", Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, August 7, 1971. Includes quotes from Pete. Sent by Ana.
  113. "The Real Smith and Jones", 'TEEN Magazine, August 1971. 'TEEN's celebrity editor went on a date with Ben and they talked with Pete. Moderately sappy. 'TEEN is not a teenage fan magazine--it is more like a LADIES HOME JOURNAL for teenagers. The author later became a celebrity photographer, had an affair with Cary Grant, and wrote a tell-all biography about Grant after his death.
  114. "He Carries the World on his Shoulders", Motion Picture, September 1971. A very interesting interview with Pete. However, to fit the text, the writer has chosen photographs where Pete wasn't smiling. For both photos in this article, other similar shots (published elsewhere) have him smiling.
  115. "Pete Duel & Ben Murphy Confess: 'We Don't Believe in Marriage!' Why They Still Get 100 Proposals a Week!", Screen Mirror, September 1971. Sent by Ana.
  116. Excerpt from "Hot Hollywood and T.V. Gossip!", TV Movie Pin Ups, October 1971.
  117. "Pete Duel: 'I'm a Frustrated Man'", TV Movie Pin Ups, October 1971. Contains numerous quotes from Pete about the environment.
  118. "Pete Closes Ranks with Bobby, David and Donny", Chicago Tribune TV Week, October 16, 1971. An interview with Pete about young fans' reaction to the show.
  119. "Why Peter Duel May Not Live Another Year!--The People Who Warn Him to Stop Risking His Life", Starland, November 1971. This is not a story about Pete's death, but was written while he was still alive. The unfortunate title refers to his hobby of auto racing. Sent by Ana.
  120. "How National Guardsmen with Bayonets Took the Blinkers Off Pete", Radio Times, November 4, 1971. Thorne sent the text and Angela sent the photo.
  121. "Personal Life Stories of All the Top Stars", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, December 1971. Only the paragraphs on Pete and Ben are here. Pete also had one of the featured articles (below), while the big picture of Ben is a one-page photo pin-up.
  122. "Pete Duel: Living It Up in a Bachelor Paradise", TV-Movie Pin-Ups, December 1971. Hindsight suggests that the first two paragraphs were overstated. However, after that there are some nice quotes from Pete. The page seam runs through the photo.
  123. Transcript of Pete and Ben's appearance on The Merv Griffin Show, December 3, 1971. This was prepared for us by Electra, who saw the show herself back in 1971.
  124. "Pete Duel: 'Series Big Drag to Actor'", Los Angeles Times, December 9, 1971. A short interview with Pete.
  125. Ad for "How to Steal an Airplane", Syracuse Herald Journal, December 10, 1971. Again, thanks to Alice.
  126. Question and answer, appears to be from a Muskegon, Michigan newspaper, 1971. Short item on Pete's name change. Sent by Ana.
  127. "Your Daily Male", The Daily Mail, 1971. Sent by Ana, this is from a UK newspaper.
  128. "Alias Peter Duel: Raising Hell is His Business 'It's Just Natural for Me...'", Movie World, January 1972. An interesting interview with Pete on the set of AS&J. Sent by Ana.
  129. "The Bright World of Ben Murphy & The Dark World of Pete Duel. They're Different As Night And Day--But Still Friends!", Screen Life, January 1972. An article comparing Pete and Ben by temperament.
  130. "Stick With 'The Scarecrow'", St. Paul Pioneer Press, January 9, 1972. The author was a nationally syndicated TV critic. Thanks to Carolyn W.
  131. "'Scarecrow' Marks Duel's Final Drama", unknown newspaper, January 9, 1972. Thanks to Alice.
  132. "Pete Duel & Diane Ray: They're Trying to Save Their Love", Motion Picture, February 1972. A long interview with Pete, which is interesting but downbeat. There are many photos, which were probably taken at the 1970 premiere of Ah Man... See What You've Done, an ecology documentary that Pete narrated for free. Sent by kc.
  133. "What is Pete Duel Afraid of?", 'TEEN Magazine, February 1972. The snippy title refers to the fact that Pete didn't like to do interviews. Although geared to teenagers, this is a reasonably good interview--better than many in the adult-oriented magazines. This issue was received at my home on 1/3/72. Pete died on 12/31/71. The page seam is running down the center of the photo.
  134. Excerpt from "Hollywood's Sexiest Bachelors", Movie Stars, February 1972. Only the Pete and Ben sections are given here.
  135. "Peter's Battle to Break Away from His Family", TV Movie Scene, March 1972. An interview with Pete. Thank you to Beth for this article.
  136. Excerpt from Country Party Line, TV Radio Mirror, April 1972. Bill Anderson talks about working with Pete on "The Men that Corrupted Hadleyburg".
  137. Photos and Captions, Movieland & TV Time Annual, Spring and Fall 1972. Pictures of Pete, Ben, Roger, and Sally Field.
  138. Excerpt from "Take My Word for It", Movie Life, July 1972. A short item in a gossip column. Joanna Pettet and Pete worked together in the road company of the play Take Her, She's Mine in 1963.
  139. "Peter Duel", The Magazine for Young Age, Issue 3, March 1973. Contains a rare photo of Pete as Heyes.
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  146. "All Facts of Peter Duel", Television Age, All About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978. Another rare photo! Where did they get this?e
  147. "Love on a Rooftop", Television Age, All About "Alias Smith and Jones" (Japanese), issue 4, 1978. At the bottom of this is a very, very odd sentence in poor English. It's the only English sentence in the entire magazine. Don't you wonder what this is referring to?
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  158. Chinese Horoscope for Pete Duel, prepared and sent by Carolyn S.
  159. "Focus on Penfield. A day in the life of one of our neighbors", Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, March 22, 2002. An article on Pete's home town that mentions Pete and his fans. Thanks to Cindy W.
    Interviews with Pete's Friends and Co-Workers:
  160. "Interview with Monty Laird", The Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, 1989. This is part 1 of a three part series of interviews with the AS&J weapons advisor and stunt coordinator. Thanks go to the author, Melody Cecko, for allowing this to be used here and to Elaine for computerizing the text.
  161. "Interview with Monty Laird, Part 2", Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, 1989. This is the second of a two part series of interviews with the AS&J weapons advisor and stunt coordinator. Thanks go to the author, Melody Cecko, for allowing this to be used here and to Elaine for computerizing the text.
  162. "Interview with Monty Laird, Part 3", Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, 1989. The final interview with Mr. Laird is used with the kind permission of the author, Melody Cecko. Thanks also go to Elaine for typing this.
  163. "Interview with Dennis Fimple", Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, late 1980s. This item and the one below are used with the kind permission of the author Melody Cecko and the subject Dennis Fimple. They were typed by Elaine.
  164. "Update with Dennis Fimple", Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, late 1980s.
  165. "Thoughts of Peter", Peter Deuel Remembrance Club, 1991. When this was first placed on the website its source was unknown. Sent by Thorne.
  166. Excerpt from "Interview with Glen A. Larson", Epi-Log Journal, Spring 1994. This comes to us courtesy of the author, Douglas Snauffer. In this excerpt, AS&J's creator and producer Glen Larson discusses Pete's death. In the past 30 years, Larson has created and/or produced numerous successful series. AS&J was his first creation.
    Teen Fan Magazine Items:
  167. "Secrets About Sally", Teen Life, May 1966. This is supposedly written by Pete, although I wouldn't bet money on it. Still, it's an interesting read and the oldest teen magazine article on the website. This comes to us courtesy of Asialee.
  168. "Secrets About Peter", Teen Life, May 1966. Now, Sally talks about Pete, again thanks to Asialee.
  169. Gidget, Vol. 2, December 1966. Not really a teen fan mag item, but scans of the cover and one page of a comic book.
  170. "Peter Deuel", Teen Life, June 1967. The site's earliest teen mag item on Pete, courtesy of Asialee.
  171. "Meet - Pete Duel", 16 Magazine, April 1971.
  172. Fact Sheet for Pete Duel, FAB 208, April 1971. From Leezz.
  173. "16 SPEC Tunes in on Eight TV Stars!", SPEC 16 Magazine, May 1971. Only two of the eight stars are given here.
  174. "Meet the Stars of "Alias Smith and Jones"! Pete Duel Ben Murphy", flip, May 1971.
  175. Excerpt from "Telly Time", 16 Magazine, May 1971.
  176. "Spotlight On: Peter Duel & Ben Murphy", Tiger Beat, May 1971. Thanks to Asialee.
  177. "Meet the Real 'Smith & Jones!'", 16 Magazine, June 1971.
  178. "Ben Murphy and Peter Duel Tell On Each Other!", FaVE!, June 1971.
  179. "The Real Pete Duel!", Tiger Beat Spectacular, June 1971.
  180. Wallet Bios on Pete and Ben, unknown teen magazine, ca. 1971. Thanks to Marilyn, who ordered these from a teen magazine.
  181. Excerpt from "TV News", SPEC 16 Magazine, July 1971. Only a paragraph each on Pete and Ben, but a great color photo.
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  370. Excerpts from Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the Inside: The Bittersweet Saga of the Sock-It-To-Me Girl, by Judy Carne, 1985, pp 191-193, 201-202. Includes 1971-72 items about Pete and Judy during the period of her guest-starring role in AS&J (not upbeat) and about Pete's death.
  371. "Alas Smith and Jones", TV Babylon, British version, 1997. An article on Pete's death that was sent by a UK fan. It also talks quite a bit about his life.
  372. "Dark Star", The Box, 1997. Article on Pete from a now-defunct British magazine. This is the version from the printed magazine, although the text was on The Box website in 1997-98. Interesting comments from Geoff Deuel. Unfortunately there are also numerous inaccurate statements, dubious insinuations, and some stuff that doesn't make sense. Why would Roger have been working on the AS&J set on Pete's last day? They must be wrong about this. No such statements were made in 1971-72 and, by December 31, Roger was in Denver doing a voice-overs for radio ads. This comes to us from Pamela G.

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