Teen Life, July 1971
Birthday: March 6
Birthplace: Jonesboro, Ark.
Marital Status: single
Hair Color: blond
Parents' Names: Patrick & Nadine
Present Home: the San Fernando Valley
Present Role: Kid Curry (Thaddeus Jones) in "Alias Smith and Jones"
Secret Ambition: to write a book on travel
Favorite Food: health foods
Likes: traveling
Dislikes: phoney people
Sports: swimming, tennis, skiing, riding
Hobbies: writing
Sideline: Ben is scholarly as well as handsome and talented. He's attended a total of eight different colleges and has two Bachelor of Arts degrees--one in international relations and the other in theater arts. Ben has also found the time to do graduate work in theater arts at USC and in physical education at San Fernando Valley State College.
Birthday: February 24
Birthplace: Rochester, N.Y.
Marital Status: single
Hair Color: brown
Parents' Names: Elsworth & Lillian
Present Home: West Hollywood
Present Role: Hannibal Heyes (Joshua Smith) in "Alias Smith and Jones"
Secret Ambition: to be an airplane pilot
Favorite Food: health foods
Likes: nature, traveling
Dislikes: being tied down, pollution
Sports: all--especially tennis and fishing
Hobbies: camping, movie going
Sideline: Pete comes from a family of doctors. In fact, there have been six doctors in his family within the last two generations. But Pete decided medicine wasn't for him and chose acting instead. His brother Geoffrey followed in his footsteps and is an actor now, too. Meanwhile, his sister, Pamela, has begun a musical career.
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