Teen World, December 1971

Before You meet Pete Duel, you should spend some time preparing yourself for his smile. But when he says hello and flashes it at you, you'll still lose all your cool and your heart will practically melt away. But at least you know you've tried.

Pete's an example of the new breed of actor who refuses to sacrifice his own independence for the sake of success. That's why he'll never become part of the Hollywood jet set or the discotheque scene. Since he dislikes things that are artificial and phony, it's no surprise that he's crazy about nature and roughing it.

"I didn't come to Hollywood on a jet plane," he says proudly. "I drove to the west coast and pitched a pup tent whenever I felt tired."

One thing that impresses you about Pete is his sincerity. That's why you're not surprised when he tells you how determined he was to see the Rocky Mountains.

"It rained for ten long days while I sat in my tent hoping it would stop for five minutes. All I wanted was to catch a glimpse of the mountains. But it never did," he sighs.

If you're in the mood for ghost stories, you won't ever have to read a mystery book when Pete's around. He has plenty of tales to tell about his adventures in the old mines and ghost towns in Nevada. Your eyes widen when he says it's almost impossible to leave those sites without a few stories. And you're just beginning to quiver when he adds, "All you need is a good imagination."

By now you're probably wondering where this TV cowboy gets all his energy. And he's happy to tell you, "I try to stick to a diet of health foods. I feel terrific, so it must be doing me some good."

It's almost impossible, but you resist the temptation to come back with, "You look terrific, too!" And you're glad this outlaw is still on the loose!

As for his friend, Ben Murphy--no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to sneak up on him and catch him doing nothing. He's always on the move. And he has quite a few stories to tell to prove it.

"It's difficult for me to settle down and apply myself to one thing," he says. "I've always been a wanderer. I attended five different colleges before getting my degree in international relations!"

In addition to acting, he spends many a night working out ideas for a book he hopes to write about his travels in Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. And it's sure to be filled with a lot of crazy adventures. Right now, he's still busy filling his scrapbooks with his impressions and latest experiences.

Another one of Ben's talents is cooking, and you'll never be hungry for long when you're around him. His favorite speciality is charcoal-broiled steak cooking on a barbecue outside his apartment. And don't be surprised if he serves you an unusual side dish because he eats only health foods.

"The secret to good health," he says, "is eating the right foods. If I stuffed myself with cakes and sweets, I'd feel really sluggish and probably wouldn't be up to doing anything."

Ben's apartment is near Universal Studios in the San Fernando Valley. And when you first walk through the door, you realize one of the great loves in his life is reading. There are books everywhere, on subjects from A to Z. He especially enjoys reading the classics. Philosophy is another one of his favorite topics and two authors he really admires are Jean-Paul Sartre and Kahil Gibran.

"Sure," Ben says, "I love to watch TV just like anyone, but it's important to be able to relax with a good book some nights, too."

You never know where or when you might accidentally meet Ben on one of his free days. In the morning, he'll probably be running across a tennis court making fantastic serves. And his afternoons are often spent on a beach or galloping on a horse through the cool country trails. Some night if you happen to be at a new movie or play that just opened, give a quick glance around the audience, too. You just might see your favorite cowboy sitting right before your eyes.

Ben enjoys talking to this fans, and if you ever do get the chance to be really alone with him, take advantage of it. You'll both have a good time!

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