Glendale News Press TV Week, January 28, 1967

When Peter Deuel, who stars as Dave Willis, the male half of the newlywed pair in ABC's Love on a Rooftop, finishes his day in front of the cameras with his bride in the series, Julie (Judy Carne), he goes home to his typical bachelor pad.

A believer in the relaxed way of life, Peter goes barefoot and refuses to shave when he's "at home." "I like to give my face a rest because of the make-up I have to wear on the set," he explains. The decor of Peter's West Hollywood apartment is strictly masculine. His fishing poles, skis, crash helmets, and camping gear are strewn about in profusion. The place is populated with life-size cut-outs of some of his movie favorites. It has a definitely lived-in-by-one-male-look.

There are prints by old masters on the walls along with cherished family photos, and original drawings by artist friends. There are pieces of stereo equipment around the living room, and records that evidence a wide range of musical taste. The kitchen has a decidely unused look, particularly the refrigerator where the frost has collected inches deep.

Peter keeps his bedding roll ready, and at every opportunity packs his trusty motorcycle and heads for the fishing streams of the High Sierra.

Boots, Peter asserts, are made for riding and hiking. Bare feet are proper for off-hours, especially after you've spent twelve hours at a television studio.

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