By Variety Staff
Variety, January 1, 1970

United Artists/Mirisch. Director Paul Wendkos; Producer Vincent M. Fennelly; Screenplay Stephen Kandel; Camera Antonio Macasoli; Editor Walter Hanneman; Music Elmer Bernstein

George Peppard
Giovanna Ralli
Raf Vallone
Pete Duel
Don Gordon
Francine York

The story is about Mex outlaws who are a source of agony to the American military. Brig-Gen John J. Pershing (John Russell) dispatches his intelligence captain (George Peppard) to quell the disturbances.
Peppard and a few friends conquer the army led by adversary Cordoba (Raf Vallone).

Interspersed are the episodes with a couple of girls, Giovanna Ralli and Francine York, whose effects are not special. Ralli, the double-dealing one, is pretty and treacherous and the observer gets to wonder about her costume changes in the heat of battle.

Director Paul Wendkos, cued by writer Stephen Kandel, might have put together a fairly arresting actioner. But they show an unsteady composite hand, for the script (if it has been adhered to) is an unorganized thing.

(Color) Widescreen. Available on VHS. Extract of a review from 1970. Running time: 104 MIN.

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