Press Packet for a A TIME FOR GIVING, 1969
Young Pete Duel believes that the long-awaited breakthrough in his acting career has happened with his starring role in Joseph Levine's presentation of the Frederick Brisson Production, "A TIME FOR GIVING", the new Technicolor comedy ...... opening at the ...... Theatre.

"If I don't make it as Walter, the angry idealist who says what he thinks and lets the chips fall where they may," Duel explained recently, "then I'll never make it". Where 'The Graduate' made an important actor of Dusty Hoffman, I naturally hope the same can happen for me in this movie.

"It's a very serious comedy of our times" with the theme of integrity. Walter is quite a guy. He marries his wife when she is nine months pregnant. To them, their marriage is an idyll. Together they hold out for a 'natural' birth of their child, without the formal aid of medicine. Walter thinks doctors are part of the phoney institution scene, just as he believes his newly-acquired father-in-law is a member of that scene and should be put in his place.

Duel has been acting in Hollywood since 1963, and is best known for his roles in the "Gidget" and "Love On a Rooftop" TV series. A self-described ‘loner', he lives in a 65 dollar a month upstairs garage apartment. But now that his career is zooming, he says he wants to change his way of life.

"I think it's time I stopped thinking only of myself. I want to get married. If I do I'll buy some land in the country and build a house. But it's got to be flat land. I'm not comfortable walking up hills. I come from nice rolling country in New York state".

David Janssen, Kim Darby, Carl Reiner and Andrew Prine star with Duel in "A TIME FOR GIVING", which is based on William Goodhart's Broadway stage success "Generation". George Schaefer directed the Avco Embassy release. Leonard Lightstone is executive producer.

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