by Vernon Scott
Unknown Newspaper, 1966 or 1967
HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- Newcomer Peter Deuel is a newly-wed in "Love on a Rooftop" series, but he's a bachelor in private life who takes his romance where he finds it.

A native of Penfield, N.Y. (near Rochester) Peter expected to become a doctor. His father, grandfather and great grandfather were physicians. But he prefers the carefree life of an actor.

And carefree it is.

He lives in a garage apartment in West Hollywood, paying only $65 a month rent.

On moving in he threw out all the furniture and went shopping for heavy antiques that he can beat around. The apartment is small, consisting of a living room, bedroom and kitchen. He rarely goes into the kitchen except to open a can of beer.

"I've cooked two meals in 2 1/2 years," he says. "I don't like to eat alone and I sure can't cook."

Deuel is a handsome specimen who arises each morning at 7:15 and spends 15 minutes doing setting-up exercises. Then it's a 10-minute drive on his motorcycle to the studio.

He eats a full lunch in the commissary, but settles for yogurt at night. Weekends are different. They're so unplanned that he eats wherever he can find food--from a good restaurant to a hamburger stand.

Like any young man under 30, he likes girls and dates a variety of Hollywood beauties. But he's shifty when it comes to talking marriage with any of them.

He may take a date to dinner or a movie. Often he brings them to his apartment to listen to his stereo collection of classical music and modern rock 'n' roll.

As actors go, he's more casual than most. He owns two suits and wears them as seldom as possible. He hasn't bought clothes in more than a year and is proud of the fact. His off-screen uniform is T-shirt, blue jeans, and loafers.

"I've never cared much about clothes," he explains. "Whatever I find close to the bed when I wake up, I wear. When I want to look nice I wear my wardrobe away from the set in the evening.

"I look like a slob when I'm not working. But nobody knows me except when I'm on the screen so I don't let it bother me."

In the winter months Deuel is a ski enthusiast. But his real passion is driving his Japanese-made land cruiser.

He goes hill climbing in the bulky vehicle and on camping trips in the mountains with a couple of his buddies. His closest friends are three fraternity brothers from St. Lawrence College. Two work at NBC and the third is an actor.

They hope to form their own production company some day.

On days off Deuel often hops aboard his land cruiser to buzz around the nearby oil fields. Driving to him provides the same relaxation that golf or tennis does for more conventional souls.

"I just enjoy wheels," he says.

He also enjoys watching sports car road races, fishing, baseball games and dancing at discotheques.

Most of all he enjoys the company of pretty girls. And if he isn't careful he's liable to lose his bachelorhood--a prospect that gives him a sudden case of the blues.

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