Teen Pin-Ups, July 1971
believes in simple living. He lives in a small, plain apartment over a garage in West Hollywood. Pete's favorite way to travel is in a four-wheel drive camper. When he's crossing the country he drives if he has the time and camps outside rather than staying in a motel. While attending St. Lawrence University, he became interested in theatrical productions and neglected his studies. He gained valuable experience when he left college and joined the Shakespeare Wrights Repertory Company as assistant stage manager and actor. This was followed by a tour with the Family Service Group which produced shows for schools, and PTA groups. His lucky break in show business came when he was given a part in the film "Wounded in Action." Before starring in "Alias Smith and Jones," he made guest appearances on "The Name of the Game," "Marcus Welby, M.D.," and "The Fugitive." Pete was born in Rochester, N.Y. on February 24.
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