by James Robert Parish and Vincent Terrance
1989, p. 146-147
(a.k.a. Peter Duel)
Combat ep Vendetta 9.22.64 ABC
Mickey ep 12.16.64 ABC
Gomer Pyle, USMC ep Dance, Marine, Dance 1.8.65 CBS
Fugitive ep Fun and Games and Party Favors 1.26.65 ABC
Gidget (series) 9.15.65 to 9.1.66 ABC
The FBI ep Slow March Up a Steep Hill 10.10.65 ABC
Love on a Rooftop (series) 9.13.66 to 1.6.67 ABC
The FBI ep False Witness 12.10.67 ABC
Virginian ep The Good Hearted Badman 2.7.68 NBC
Ironside ep The Perfect Crime 3.7.68 NBC
Name of the Game ep The White Birch 11.29.68 NBC
Virginian ep The Price of Love 2.12.69 NBC
Marcus Welby, M.D. (telefilm) 3.17.70 ABC
[sic, I may have copied this wrong. Sept 23, 1969 is more likely.]
Insight ep A Woman of Principle 1970 NN
The Young Country (telefilm) 3.17.70 ABC
Matt Lincoln ep Nick 10.29.70 ABC
Interns ep The Price of Life 10.30.70 CBS
Young Lawyers ep The Glass Prison 11.2.70 ABC
Bold Ones: The Lawyers ep Trial of a Pfc 11.8.70 NBC
The Psychiatrist: God Bless the Children (telefilm) 12.14.70 NBC
Alias Smith and Jones (telefilm) 1.5.71 ABC
Alias Smith and Jones (series) 1.21.71 to 2.10.72 ABC
Marcus Welby, M.D. ep A Passing of Torches 1.26.71 ABC
The Psychiatrist ep In Death's Other Kingdom 2.3.71 NBC
Name of the Game ep The Savage Eye 2.19.71 NBC
Hollywood Television Theater ep The Scarecrow 1.10.72 PBS
How to Steal an Airplane (a.k.a. Only One Day Left Before Tomorrow) (telefilm) 12.10.72 NBC
[sic, this aired 12.10.71]

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