TV Radio Mirror, May 1967

Peter Deuel and Judy Carne are two riproaring individualists--types who make producers nervous with their love for speed, motorcycles, fastcars, wild dancing; types who get their kicks just living every minute. The whole idea is to enjoy, revel in and relish life. That's just what Peter and Judy do, and they enjoy doing it together on the set of ABC-TV's Love On A Rooftop or racing around the countryside on their leaping motorcycles. Why, they enjoy each other's company so much they even enjoy fighting. As Peter puts it, "We have some pretty spicy words for each other, but she fights at a man's level and we never leave the set at night bearing grudges." As a matter of fact, Judy never leaves the set without kissing Peter goodbye for the day.

When the show began last fall, people tried to get a romance started between the co-stars. It really seemed like a natural since they enjoyed the same things and always had a good time together. But they like it the way it is--great camaraderie but not great love. This way they'll be able to remain close and continue to spend time together when they like, with no constricting strings attached.

Actually, since her divorce from Burt Reynolds, whom she wed in 1963, Judy has been uninvolved with any one man. She lives alone in the home Reynolds had bought for them both in Studio City. Peter, on the other hand, has built up an enviable reputation in Hollywood as the newest, most popular bachelor-about-town. He and Sally Field, who was the star of the TV show Gidget, where Peter got his big break playing the misguided brother-in-law, were quite a constant duo for a while, and still date. But lately a lovely actress-model, Jill Andre, has come on strong as Peter's "one and only." Jill was wed to actor-turned-director Dick Franchot, and has two children, Gabrielle, 6, and Pascal, 4. Friends are now betting that Peter and Jill will merge someday in the future.

Judy, a British import, decided on an acting career before she was 9. Her parents had enrolled her in dancing school when she was 3, and by the ripe old age of 10, she was receiving intensive dramatic and musical training in the Bush Davis Theatrical Boarding School in Sussex, England. After school she went on the British stage and in 1961 she was brought to Hollywood to appear in Fair Exchange, a series that was short-lived. Next came Baileys Of Balboa, another quickie, then some guest shots and now she's got Love and bright hopes for the future.

Peter, a native of Rochester, N.Y., was planning on a career in medicine until a few years ago when his father, a doctor himself, saw Peter in a play in college and urged him to pursue that career. Peter enrolled in The American Theater Wing, went on to work in repertory companies, and then to Hollywood and small parts until Love came into his life, too.

Just as they both leap on their cycles and take off after work, Peter and Judy continue to leap into life, every moment being lived up to the limit.

Photos Caption: Peter likes his gals natural and unaffected like Judy. She likes her guys American. Both like the speed of cycling, both scoff at danger warnings.

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