flip, February 1972

Whether you think of them as Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry or Smith and Jones or Peter Duel and Ben Murphy, on TV these two characters may tend to look a little alike at times. But off-screen they are two very distinct people!

There are a great many differences between Pete and Ben. For example their homes--Pete lives in a funky old house in the Hollywood Hills, while Ben lives in an apartment with a pool in the San Fernando Valley. For Ben, it only takes about five minutes to get to Universal Studios where "Alias Smith and Jones" is filmed and Ben can easily make it home for lunch whenever he wants. Pete, however, takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get to work and seldom comes home for lunch.

Ben, because the apartment building he lives in doesn't allow animals, doesn't have any pets, but Pete has three dogs, all ordinary mongrels--that have the run of his place.

When it comes to girls, Pete is more likely to stick to one steady girl for a long time, but Ben likes to go out with many, many, many different girls. He's one of Hollywood's more active bachelors.

They differ, too, in their tastes in restaurants. Ben likes good food and frequents some of Hollywood's best restaurants, while Pete likes funky little places where you'd never expect to find anyone of any importance. He digs comfortable, homey kinds of places.

Of course there are some things they agree on. They're both very concerned about ecology and preserving our planet and they both love acting. They both hate big Hollywood type parties and avoid them at all costs. And they both love music.

But in basic temperament they are very different. Pete is a deep, intense kind of guy--many people call him moody. And Ben is an outgoing, fun loving, funny kind of guy.

So don't get the idea they are alike. These two guys are about as different as egg plants and bananas!

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