By Peggy Ann Bennett, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Tiger Beat, August 1971
Have you ever dreamed about how you were going to meet your future husband? I have! It was supposed to be beautiful--me, him, and instant love! But it didn't happen at all the way I had dreamed when I met my special guy...Pete Duel!

My older sister, who was happily married to a great guy--and who had a gorgeous baby girl named Holly, used to always tell me, "Don't worry, Peggy. Love will come into your life when you least expect it!"

Isn't it funny that the girls who always say such things are the ones who already have someone to love? My friends who didn't have boyfriends, steadies, or fiancees used to share my feelings--it seemed that we would NEVER fall in love! It seemed to use, that ll the fabulous guys were already taken.

But one very special day, I met Pete--and I found out that my sister's words were true! Pete, my fabulous guy, came into my life when I least expected him! We didn't meet at a beautiful garden part; I wasn't looking my very best! We just didn't meet the way I had dreamed we would! But then, I wouldn't change a single thing about our meeting either!


One rainy day I was going to make some hot chocolate and curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book! The minute I opened the box of chocolate, I knew it was going to be a bad day--it was empty! I debated with myself for a few minutes, and finally my craving for a cup of hot chocolate won out, and I slipped into my rain coat and trudged off to the market!

As I was driving, I saw my reflection in the rear-view mirror--ugh! It was such a lazy day that I hadn't bothered to put on make-up, and I was wearing my most faded blue jeans and my favorite rainy day sweater that was ready to fall apart! I kept telling myself that I would dash in and dash out--who would see me?

I ran into the store and went straight for for the aisle with the powdered chocolate lining the shelves. I was so intent upon getting out of the store before someone I knew would recognize me, that it took me several seconds to realize that a smiling stranger had his hand on the hand on the same box of chocolate I did! Just like in the movies, before I saw his face, a sort of shock or energy passed between us when our fingers touched! And the moment I looked into Pete's beautiful brown eyes I decided I didn't want to let go of the long as Pete came with it!

As Pete gallantly handed the chocolate to me, he said, "Now, the least you can do is offer to share at least one cup of that with me!" I still don't know what made me say yes! Maybe it was his natural friendliness, or the warmth of his personality, or his fantastic grin, or...that he didn't seem to mind that I looked pretty awful! When Pete looked at me or spoke to me, I felt like the most gorgeous girl on earth!

We went to my house and Pete playfully shoved me into the kitchen and announced he was very thirsty! When I came back to the living room with steaming cups of chocolate and sandwiches, Pete already had a warm fire blazing in the fireplace!

We talked and talked the whole day! And we d probably still be talking if we didn't get so hungry! Pete invited me to have what he called a "spaghetti feast" with him--and I wanted to be with him as much as I could! I said I'd just change my clothes, when Pete touched my arm and whispered, "You look perfect--just the way you are!"


I fell in love with Pete the moment I looked into his eyes. And during the months we dated, I grew to love him more with each passing day! Everything I thought or said, I did with Pete in mind.

He gave me the most marvelous reason for living--his love in return! My job, cleaning house, shopping, or even something small--like polishing my fingernails--began to have a new meaning. I did all that and everything with a cheerful attitude because Pete's love made everything fantastically wonderful to me.

It made me happy to do things for him and with him. My favorite times with Pete were spent in front of a fire, my head resting on his shoulders and the combination of our whispered conversation and the crackling of the fire created our own little heaven!

Peter liked to spend his free time with me--alone. He told me many times that he felt completely at peace with himself and the world just by having me by his side! I felt the same way--with Pete, my world was lovingly complete. All the moments I spent wishing for somebody to share my life were answered the second he came into my world.

I had always thought that the man I would marry would propose to me under a sky sprinkled with sparkling stars. Pete proposed to me in broad daylight while we rested from a hike! I was picking bright orange wild flowers, and I could tell that he was watching me. When I looked up at him, he smiled and said, "You're beautiful!" Before I had time to blush, he added "You've made me a very happy man. Could you make me happier by being my wife?" I could only hug Pete very tightly and say over and over again "I m so happy!"


Girls always try to imagine what their weddings will be like. I had thought mine would be one of those huge affairs with relatives everywhere! My unexpected love and I eloped! But because Pete was all I needed to make my life and world complete--he was really all I needed to make my wedding perfect!
While we stood in the small aisle before the justice of the peace, with our fingers tightly intertwined, I remember thinking back to the rainy day I met Pete. I never thought that I would meet anyone as wonderful as him! And I would gladly live through a thousand more lonely days as long as those empty days, without love, would be ended by my perfect marriage to Pete!

Peggy's story was an imaginary one, but a beautiful one. If you've ever dreamed of meeting and marrying your dream guy, why not share your thoughts with the readers of Tiger Beat. Each month we ll be printing one "Dream Marriage" story written by one of our readers, it could be you! Send your story to "My Dream Marriage," c/o Tiger Beat Magazine, 1800 N. Highland Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 90028.

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