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Before you send a message...

In the past, this site has generated a high volume of e-mail that has taken me many hours to answer. I don't have the time to devote to this. I will do what I can but there is no guarantee that I will answer your message.

Contributions to the AS&J Collection website are always welcome. The preferred method is to send files by e-mail attachment. In the e-mail, please explain about the attachment. (Because of concerns about computer viruses, I don't open attachments that have no accompanying text.) Graphics files should be jpg or gif and, if your scanner has a descreen setting, please turn it on. Don't worry about scans being too large. I can easily shrink them. If you don't have access to a scanner, e-mail me and I'll give a postal address for you to mail photocopies to. If video captures are sent, please limit them to a handful of select, rare images. Please note that I do not pay or trade for website contributions. Fans who have sent items for the website in the past after done so voluntarily and freely. What they receive in turn is the gratitude of myself and other fans who enjoy viewing their items.

For info on where to obtain tapes, photos, etc, check out this website's Where to Buy page. I do not sell website items. As my time permits, I will also make NTSC DVDs for fans of Pete, Ben, Roger, and Geoff's appearances. I prefer to trade for appearances that I don't have, but if necessary will make DVDs in exchange for reimbursement of expenses. Check out the site's DVD Info page if you're interested.

If you have a question relating to AS&J or its actors, please consider using the website's search routine or asking on the website's message board.

Thanks for your consideration of these issues and enjoy the website. I'm glad to have you here!

The address to contact me is

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