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Welcome!! This site contains articles, photos, sounds, videos, filmographies, message board, and more on the 1971-73 TV series Alias Smith & Jones and its lead actors, Pete Duel, Ben Murphy, and Roger Davis. Numerous generous fans have contributed to this collection.

Many of us have special feelings for AS&J and its actors. The items sent to this website have often been carefully saved for over 30 years and are important to their owners. Please treat their items with respect. This non-profit site is purely a fan's tribute to the show and its actors. No copyright damage is intended.

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Important AS&J Resources:

AS&J on Commercial DVD: Timeless Media Group released a DVD set containing all three seasons of AS&J on October 19, 2010. This release is in NTSC TV format, region 1 for the US. The set can be found at numerous sources online and also at many Sam's Club stores in the US.

The AS&J Book: Alias Smith and Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men by Sandra K. Sagala and JoAnne M. Bagwell began shipping on August 12, 2005. The ISBN number is 1593930313. The book contains information from interviews with many of the show's principles and includes rare photos. Click here to reach the publisher's website, which has ordering information.

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Clickable link to the LA Times memorial guestbook on Pete.

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