Excerpt from flipfap
flip, August 1972
Dear FLIP,

Just a note of thanks for the lovely section (May) "Your Pete Duel Memory Scrapbook." It was a great way to help his many fans to remember him as the very handsome, warm, loving, talented person he was. I had the pleasure and privilege of seeing him onstage at the Municipal Auditorium here in Birmingham, Alabama, when he and Ben were guests at the 1971 Annual Cerebral Palsy Telethon. It was so beautiful seeing him holding the little handicapped children, the love showing radiant from his eyes. I can't explain the shock and sorrow I felt when I heard of Pete's death just three months after that September Telethon. Pete was a handsome man, a loving person, a talented actor, a joy to all.

Linda V., Adger, Ala.

Dear FLIP,

I just arrived home from school and when I saw your May issue, I quickly picked it up. Thank you ever so much for dedicating a few pages of FLIP to one of the greatest actors of our time, Peter Duel, may he rest in peace. Your article gave me renewed strength in my opinion that FLIP is really a great magazine. A few months ago I wrote a letter expressing my wish for you to dedicate FLIP to the memory of Peter Duel, and you have not failed me.

Adina S., Kingston, Pa.

Dear FLIP,

In the May issue of FLIP, in the Pete Duel Memory Scrapbook, I noticed all the letters that were printed were from the States only. During Pete's short life, he captured the hearts of many people from all over the world, including Canadians. "Alias Smith and Jones" has become a great hit everywhere. Pete's sudden and tragic death has shocked many Canadians, and has broken their hearts. But no matter how hard we try, he will never return to us.

A Caring Canadian, Brookin, Ont.

Dear FLIP,

Our class took a poll for the most popular actor and, to my happiness, Pete Duel won hands down. I haven't known Pete for too long. I first saw him on "Alias Smith and Jones" this fall. I fell in love with him just by seeing that one show. His death shattered my completely. But I'd like to thank Roger Davis for doing such a good job on the show. It must be hard to follow up such a talented guy. I'd also like to thank you, FLIP, for printing so much about Pete Duel. The other magazines just seemed to drop him off their lists and forget all about him. But you really help.

Pete Duel Fan, Parkersburg, West Va.

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