Movie TV Secrets, November 1967
Hollywood bachelors are different than other bachelors. They've got charm, style and unarguable reasons for hanging on to their single state of things. Most women wouldn't hesitate to give up anything for only a chance to wange these crafty bride-dodging sex-gods down the aisle. But to all of this, the Hollywood single man remains aloof, smiling, confident in his ability to evade the alter indefinitiely. Here are some reasons why:
Skipping to the Pete section...

PETER DEUEL: I've considered marriage, but each time I'm afraid I've had to turn the lovely ladies down. When I was doing Love on a Rooftop you wouldn't believe how flooded the studio was with marriage proposals for me! It was amazing! None of these girls had ever even met me. At first I had some "thanks, but no" letters printed up to mail back to these girls, but I thought better of it. Besides, I didn't want to hire a secretary to take care of my love life. But those rejection letters were really crazy, man. I listed all sorts of reasons for staying single, so that none of the girls would think I was rejecting them personally. Let's see if I can remember some. "I want to be a bachelor because they are a dying class in America today and I feel obligated to preserve it." (I think of bachelorhood as a class, and all these young marriages are killing it.) "And because it's fun, and because I'm too young to go." Those were some reasons.

In case you're wondering, the other bachelors were George Hamilton, Ron Harper, Dennis Cole, Lee Majors, Warren Beatty, Robert Vaughn, Adam West, Richard Chamberlain, Rock Hudson, Chris Connelly, and Hugh O'Brian.
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