by Roma Wheaton
Forever Young (book), date unknown
Success came easily to Peter Deuel (he later dropped the first e in his surname to avoid confusion), a dark-haired handsome young man with an engaging personality. In the mid sixties he could be found in nearly every successful American television series. For a short time he even had his own sitcom, Love on a Rooftop. He cared passionately about every aspect of his life; his work and the quality of it, the world we live in and the way we abuse it. An ardent campaigner for political rights, he was a perfectionist, always striving for a better world. In 1971 he was again the co-star of an entertaining and popular TV series, playing Hannibal Heyes in the Western Alias Smith and Jones. But one night he put a .38 calibre gun to his head and killed himself. Life had not measured up to his standards.

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