Unknown teen magazine, 1972 or 1973

Geoffrey Jacob Deuel, brother of the late Pete Duel of ABC-TV's Alias Smith and Jones, was born on January 17, 1943, in Lockport, New York. Geoff has warm brown velvet eyes, chestnut brown hair and stands five feet and nine inches tall. Geoff tips the scales at 150 pounds and, as you well know, he is adorable. Geoff's younger sister Pamela is also in "show business"--and doing quite nicely, thank you.

When Geoff relaxes, he either listens to music or plays music. That's right--Geoff plays the trumpet and harmonica, and he's learning the piano! Not only that, he's taken up singing! With musical know-how like this, it's no wonder that his music taste runs the gamut from A to Z--or Bach to Rock--stopping along the way through to enjoy the sounds of jazz and folk, too!

If you want to be Geoff's favorite musical refrain, be honest, candid, open and let things between you and Geoff develop spontaneously. He's a super guy who wants a super girl--and betcha you're the one!!

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