Geoffrey Deuel
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Several of the articles below published in 1972 and later are about Pete's death but include quotes from Geoff.

  1. Press Release for Chisum, Warner Brothers, 1970. Includes a photo of Geoff and John Wayne. Thanks to Sally.
  2. New Kid in Town, Warner Brothers, 1970. Includes a photo from Chisum. Sent by Sally.
  3. Story-in-Photos, Chisum, Photo 6, Warner Brothers, 1970. Includes a photo of Geoff and Patric Knowles. Thanks to Sally.
  4. "Hometowners in Hollywood. Deuels in the Sun: Peter, Geoffrey", Rochester Times Union, June 20, 1970. From a series of in-person reports on Rochesterians in Hollywood. Thanks to Ana.
  5. Fact Sheet for Geoffrey Deuel, FAB 208, April 1971. From Leezz.
  6. "A Star to Watch For! Geoffrey Deuel", source unknown. Sent by Pamela G.
  7. "The Duel Brothers", Films Illustrated, March 1972. Thanks to Linda and Thorne for the text and Kathleen for the photos.
  8. Ad and Summary for MOVIN' ON, Syracuse Herald Journal, 1972. An ad and summary Geoff's TV movie, thanks to Alice.
  9. "Geoffrey Deuel", unknown teen magazine, 1972 or 1973. Thanks to KathStath.
  10. Toma, ABC Press Release Photo, September 25, 1973. A photo from Geoff's appearance on the TV show Toma. Thanks to Sally.
  11. "We Love You Because....", FAB 208 1973. Geoff and Ben sections given here.
  12. "Deuel Personality", Fab 208, mid-1970s. An interview with Geoff, which includes some great color photos. Thanks to Leezz.
  13. "Old Friends--Happy Home", source unknown, early to mid-1970s. A short item, with autographed photo, about Pete's dogs. Thanks to Pamela G.
  14. "Pete Duel--Too Much Too Soon", Woman's Own, June 29, 1974. Clipped from a UK magazine in the mid-70s magazine by Catherine, this includes quotes from Geoff. Probably the best-researched article on Pete's death, although it can be upsetting to read. The author, Fenton Bresler, is a UK barrister who writes non-fiction articles and books on famous deaths and crimes; he also writes legal advice columns for several websites.
  15. "Why Pete Duel Blew His Brains Out", Pageant, January 1975. From Asialee. Another version of the Fenton Bresler article, still with quotes from Geoff. This article is very similar to Bresler's "Too Much Too Soon" article (above). In some places the Pageant article has expanded quotes, while in others the "Too Much Too Soon" article has more depth. The major difference is that the Pageant article includes the story of what happened when Bresler tried to talk with Ben Murphy about Pete.
  16. Chisum (1970), The John Wayne Scrapbook, 1989. Thanks to Marilyn. A review of the movie. Click here to see a large version of the photo with Geoff. We don't, of course, have to agree with the review.
  17. "Dark Star", The Box, 1997. Article on Pete from a now-defunct British magazine. This is the version from the printed magazine, although the text was on The Box website in 1997-98. Interesting comments from Geoff. Unfortunately there are also numerous inaccurate statements, dubious insinuations, and some stuff that doesn't make sense. Why would Roger have been working on the AS&J set on Pete's last day? They must be wrong about this. No such statements were made in 1971-72 and, by December 31, Roger was in Denver doing a voice-overs for radio ads. This comes to us from Pamela G.

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