Teen Pin-Ups, October 1971
PETE DUEL and Ben Murphy are the two very handsome and talented TV cowboys who come your way every Thursday night in "Alias Smith and Jones." What are Pete and Ben like off-camera? Well, they're just as exciting and fun-loving as they seem in the series. And here's your chance to find out for yourself...


Pete, who plays Hannibal Heyes (alias Joshua Smith), is a tall, dark and ruggedly handsome bachelor. He was born on February 24, in Penfield, New York, a small town not too far from Rochester. Although Pete's family background includes six doctors, he never really considered becoming a doctor himself. In fact, he grew up wanting to become an airplane pilot. But when he was in high school, he began to developing an interest in acting and later studied drama at St. Lawrence University. On the advice of his father, Pete went to New York where he worked with the American Theater Wing for two years. Eventually he landed in Hollywood while touring with a national company of the Broadway hit "Take Her, She's Mine." Pete liked his visit to Hollywood so much, he decided to return when the tour was over. After a number of TV guest starring roles he finally landed feature role in the "Gidget" series. Later, he starred with Judy Carne in the series "Love on a Rooftop," which being re-run this summer on Wednesday nights on ABC. A real lover of nature and the outdoors, Pete lists his favorite activities as camping, hiking, and fishing. He's done quite a bit of traveling in his four-wheel drive truck with camping unit attached. One of his favorite places to spend free time is up in the High Sierra Mountains. He loves it there so much, he's considering buying a 25 acre piece of wooded land right in the heart of the Mother Lode section. Pete also enjoys playing tennis and reading and he loves watching old movies.


The thing you notice first about blond, blue-eyed and smiling Ben is how much he resembles Paul Newman. People have been pointing that out to him for years, in fact, he thinks the resemblance might have even given him an edge when it came to getting the part of Kid Curry (alias Thaddeus Jones). But one look at his talent and you know there's a lot more to him than just being a Paul Newman look-alike. Ben was born on March 6, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, but grew up in Hinsdale, a suburb of Chicago. Besides being good looking and extremely talented, Ben is also very intelligent. While he was deciding what he really wanted to do with life, he attended seven different colleges--and always managed to keep credits in good order. Along the way, picked up two Bachelor of Arts degrees --one in international relations and other in theater arts. He's also accumulated a number of graduate credits in theater arts and physical education. While he was studying phys ed, he landed his first TV job, a costarring role, the young reporter Joe Sample in "Name of The Game." A few other roles and a couple of movie parts lead to his present role in "Alias Smith and Jones." Like Pete, Ben also enjoys traveling and the outdoors. When he travels, he fills scrapbooks with experiences along the way and hopes eventually to compile a book.

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