Press Packet for A TIME FOR GIVING, 1969
The hairy problem has finally been settled.

There is no scraggly, happy-hippie type beard for Pete Duel as the young anti-Establishment hero of Joseph E. Levine's presentation of the Frederick Brisson production, "A TIME FOR GIVING , which opens ...... at the ...... Theatre.

Duel showed up for the start of filming of "A TIME FOR GIVING" with a fine sprout of whiskers, but Producer Brisson and Director George Schaefer took one look and ordered him to "Shave it off, shave it all off". They decreed that the rebellous character Duel portrays would be smooth-shaven.

"Walter shaves with a straight razor, as I'm going to introduce in one scene, Schaefer explained of the character to a disappointed Duel who is happiest when he's getting about with a beard. "I feel vulnerable without one", the young man said. "My beard is so comfortable. Now I have to slip into something less comfortable--my own bare face".

Schaefer had the final directorial word to Duel: "In 'A TIME FOR GIVING' you and Kim Darby, as your bride, are the opposite to hippy. You're closer to the young American pioneer in the pursuit of what you believe. And by shaving with a straight razor you're showing your anti-Establishment strain, since most men today use either a safety or electric razor".

On the day of her wedding to Duel in the picture, Miss Darby is nine months pregnant. The newlyweds are dedicated to having their baby in the 'natural' way, without medical assistance, but they run into opposition to their plan from Miss Darby's father, played by David Janssen.

Based on William Goodhart's Broadway stage hit, "Generation", the Technicolor comedy also stars Carl Reiner and Andrew Prine. Leonard Lightstone is executive producer of the Avco Embassy release.

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