by Liz Dagucon
Tiger Beat Spectacular, April 1972
Everyone was saddened about the shocking news of Pete Duel's death. Hundreds of letters flooded into the office asking if it was true. How I wish the answer was that Pete is alive, well, and happy! But the truth is--on December 31, 1971, Pete died.

Your letters asking why a handsome, talented, and successful young actor should choose death over life can never be completely answered. One fact that is absolutely positive is that Pete's family, friends, and fans will miss him very, very much.

I interviewed Pete once. The afternoon of the interview was a particularly beautiful and clear California day. Pete wore a dark turtleneck sweater, levis, and boots. When we were introduced, he took my hand and flashed his dimpled grin! I knew instantly that I was going to like him--he was friendly and his answers to my questions were honest!

After the interview, I remember thinking what a wonderfully warm, witty, and charming man he was. His laughter was musical and a smile seemed to constantly play about his lips. That's the way I choose to remember Pete.

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