by Funky Duke Lewis
Tiger Beat, March 1972

On the other hand, Pete Duel, the Joshua Smith of "Alias Smith and Jones," voiced a more general sentiment of actors in long-lived TV shows.

"This series, that series, is a big fat drag to an actor who I any interest in his work," Pete said. "It's the ultimate trap. You lose any artistic thing you had, utterly destructive. It isn't the work that tires you, it's that it's all dreadful bore that makes you weary, weary.

"Our show is good and I don't blame its writers and directors, what's wrong is the whole system. Finish a show one night, start another the next morning with no time between shooting to study the scripts and prepare. At first you're on guard against sloppy work. After awhile you don't care.

"TV acting is the worst kind of slavery there is," Don Adams agreed. "Up early in the morning and working 12 to 14 hours a day. Is that any way to run a life?"

Photo Caption: PETE DUEL SEEMS happy at home with his dogs Carol (left) and Shoshone. Only three weeks after this photo was taken, Pete died, apparently of a self-inflicted bullet. Read what Pete told Duke Lewis about his work.

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