by Liz Dagucon
Tiger Beat Spectacular, March 1972

One of the biggest thrills of my life was interviewing handsome Pete Duel of "Alias Smith and Jones." And girls, if you want to ever get Pete's attention, be sure to have your hair fixed very simply! Pete says, "When a girl's hair gets into the elaborate curls, teases, sprays, and stuff--forget it!"

When I was ready to leave, I spied a rolled up poster next to the couch...and being a poster freak, I asked to see it! It was a gorgeous, color poster of Pete, and he gave it to me as a gift. Another surprise was discovering that Pete writes lovely poetry and he's put it all on tape. If you want a copy of the tape, write to P.O. Box 1821, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90213. Pete's included some poems describing his concern about the pollution problems of today!

Photo Caption: LUCKY ME! I got the delightful assignment of interviewing handsome Pete Duel of "Alias Smith and Jones!" Believe me girls when I tell you he's a doll!

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