16 Magazine, March 1972

THE WORD IS OUT, 16-ers--if you're thinking of messing around with Pete Duel, you'd better be prepared for some mighty hot merchandise! That means this guy can break your heart and make you cry--unless you know how to soften him up! So you're about to get a lesson on just how you can capture this rough and tough guy--and don't expect to make Pete into a "pussycat," just try to get him to purr a little. Hang on, cos here's some inside info about Pete Duel that will either curl your hair or make you want to squeeze him 'til he warms up--and lets you into his heart!!


When Pete smiles, you'd better look into it and not just take it to mean he's feeling good. Adorable Pete has many smiles in his bag of disguises. And first you're gonna have to try to understand all about him before you jump to conclusions.

Pete has a smile that is really a smirk. It says, "Let's see if you can understand me." It's a smile that gives you the impression that he knows it all--and while he knows an awful lot, no one knows it all. So you're gonna have to try to be a match for this guy 24 hours a day. That's a big job for anyone, but it's part of caring for and understanding this doll. Pete may be giving you a smile that says, "If you care about me, then show me." Now, this is a challenge that's not easy to accept-- but don't panic, cos all he wants is a sign. A card, or a poem that you wrote yourself, is enough to let him know that you do care--and care deeply.

Of course, his smile might be saying, "I really dig you." In this case, just sit back and accept it. Pete is giving you the biggest compliment a girl could want--and it's all for you. Your expression will tell him that you understand and feel the same way he does. Once you've gotten some insight into Pete's expressions, you're gonna have to try to interpret his actions--which is sometimes even more difficult!


Pete can be pretty moody. It's up to you to find out what all these moods are so that you can learn how to handle them. Sometimes Pete is just plain tired. He may have been working all night long trying to memorize his lines, and then spent the entire day on the set, That's a lot of work to ask from anyone, so you have to understand that all he wants is to spend a quiet and relaxing evening. No loud music or dancing in a wild discoteque 'til morning for this guy when he wants to unwind. And remember, when people are tired, they can be a bit cranky. So be strong, cuties, cos he doesn't really mean it!

One day Pete might pick you up for a date and you'll think he has gone crazy. Maybe he just had some good news or a funny thing happened to him. If he plays any practical jokes on you, don't get angry--just laugh and enjoy his fun with him. He likes girls who can handle all situations with confidence, so you'll have to go along with him. He won't do anything drastic and Pete likes it when a girl can take care of all the good and bad things that may occur. So even if you're trembling inside, keep your chin up and play his game with him. Once you've mastered all of Pete's moods and expressions, you'll be ready to proceed to love him. Don't misunderstand him, though--he wants you to be gentle, feminine and loving, but he wants you to be strong too. Give him a chance--and once you know him, all you'll be able to do is love him. And remember-- he's hot!!

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