by Millicent Bowers
TV Inside Movie, February 1967

Living it up is fun, but for these men marriage would be even better...

Is it possible that a bachelor's life in Hollywood isn't all it's cracked up to be? Is it possible that a good looking, eligible male Hollywood star can be lonely in this paradise of nightlife playgrounds and beautiful women? Strange as it may seem, the answer is very often yes!

Would you also believe that some of your favorite bachelor stars are faced with this problem? Proof enough are the photographs on these pages and their own opinions on the bachelor life vs. married life as presented here.

Skipping over Adam West...

Peter Deuel: "I never really stopped to think about life as a bachelor until recently. I guess I never had time to give much thought to anything except my career before.

"I think an actor is basically a very lonely person--this applies equally to both men and women in this business. When you one day decide that you want to go into showbusiness, you suddenly become very much on your own. This happens out of necessity. And you know immediately that it's going to be though [sic] going for a long time unless you happen to fall into fantastic luck and become one of those overnight sensations--and most of us aren't that fortunate.

"You know that you can't have a great deal of strong ties--you know that you've got to be ready to pick yourself up and move to where the work is at a moment's notice. There are times when you go for weeks, months, without working. How can an actor even consider getting married under those conditions? It would be impossible, or near to it, to support a wife--if you marry an actress, there's a good chance that you could both starve to death.

"So you wait. You wait until you get somewhere--till that right break comes along. When it does, you can start living like a real human being. The love, the recognition you get from your audience isn't enough any longer--you need a more personal relationship. Dating is fun, sure, but when you go home, you're alone again.

"On Love on a Rooftop, I feel married because the show is about newlyweds. It's a great feeling and I hope to make it a permanent, real experience one day soon."

Skipping David McCallum and David Hedison

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