Teen World, August 1971

IT'S ALWAYS FUN to drop in on friends--and it's even more fun when those friends just happen to be three of the most super-good-looking and super talented guys around...namely Rick Ely, Chris Stone and Pete Duel. Though all three of them are pretty busy, they always have some time for you. So come along and see what happens when you visit with Rick, Chris and Pete...


Skipping over Rick Ely's discussion of his new swimming pool and Mercedes Benz convertible and Chris Stone's discussion of his love of baseball...


Your last stop of the day is at a little apartment over a garage in West Hollywood. That's where Pete Duel lives. Though Pete's home is small, it's very comfortable and you can tell right away that he enjoys the simple things in life.

As you enter the apartment, you can't help but notice Pete's camping gear and fishing equipment. Pete really loves the outdoors and enjoys getting close to nature whenever he has the opportunity.

"I've just been out for a ride in the country," he tells you after you're seated. "When I was a kid, we lived in a small town called Penfield. It's just outside of Rochester, New York. That was a real country town with lots of fields and woods to play in. I remember how great it used to be and now I try to get out and see what natural beauty we have left as often as I can."

Pete does a lot of camping. In fact, he's crossed the country in a camper a couple of times. His biggest thrill when he first traveled West was spending ten days in the Rockies--even though it rained the whole time.

"I've been thinking about buying a piece of land in the Sierra Mountains above Sonora, California," he says. "It's really beautiful up there. The only problem is that it's so high up (about 8500 feet) and gets so much snow that it's impossible to get to for about half the year!"

The last time Pete was up to see the land, he had to walk the last three miles. But he thinks it's really worth it because the view is beautiful.

"Maybe the next time you visit me, it will be in my mountain hideway," he says as you're about to go. "You'd really like it. Just be sure to check the snow conditions first !"

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