Photoplay, April 1970

Love really happens quickly to Kim Darby. When just about everybody was betting on her romance with Pete Deuel, her "Generation" co-star (see our story on page 60 which had been written before lightning-love struck Kim), Kim married James Westmoreland on February sixth. Talk about whirlwind courtships! The two met at a dinner party just two-and-a-half weeks before the wedding. The party was hosted by Michael Anderson, Jr., Jim's close friend since the days they worked together on ABC-TV's "The Monroes." Said Jim: "Kim and I had total rapport at once. We have everything in common. If you love someone, you can love her as much in three weeks as you can in a lifetime of dating." Like Kim, Jim Westmoreland has been married before. It lasted for eight years, but this second marriage, Jim says, was made forever. When they took out the marriage license, they certainly looked blissful. Kim, fighting off a cold, still smiled, wrapped up in a fur coat over a purple pants suit. Jim was dressed casually in slacks and leather jacket, his every action, attentive to Kim. On Friday, the sixth, the Reverend Walter Gerber, a Presbyterian minister, joined them in a double-ring ceremony. Vicki Anderson (Michael Anderson's wife, and a close friend of Kim's) was the maid of honor. Michael Landau was the best man. Though the newlyweds didn't announce their immediate plans, Jim told our reporter there would be no long-range career-conflicts: "Kim will never have to stop being the individual she is," Jim said. He added that, in time, he hopes to give up acting and concentrate on inventing things such as his latest: an eyelash applicator. No matter how quick the courtship, it's clear the Westmorelands plan a much longer future together. We wish them happiness.
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