A fan's tribute to Peter Deuel
by Sherilyn Smith
October 2000

In my mind’s eye, in a flash
Broken dreams, meant to last
Seventy-one, his will to lose,
Imposed haunting mid-war blues.

On his steed, his head held high
Shining armor, sword and style
Dark eyes glittering all that is
Passion, rage and love and death.

And all the love, the love had I,
Young one to hear his battle cry.
Then gone was he, the one I loved
In an instant, in a flash,
Is my sorrow meant to last?

Please go then, Pete, and be at peace
Rest, my love, your dreams be sweet
When you wake, our spirits wait
For your return, in faith and fate.

Bless your soul and heart so rare
Within it came an oath to care
Beyond myself and my own needs
A gift so precious and one to breed.

Impressions graceful on the earth
Please know, somehow, you _were_ heard.
Inspired thoughts you did impart...
Do good in your life, and in your heart.

Be kind and loving, gentle child
And don’t forget how to smile
Or how to laugh, or how to love
Or how to thank the One above.

For life is rich, treasure it now
Give back love and do it well
Time is short, the bell soon tolls
So bestow your best upon the world.

With careful prints of heedful hands
On self, on others, and on the land
In constructive, yet meaningful ways
It’s never too late… just start today!

Loving memory bequeathed this vow
And it pleads, for Peter’s sake,
       Peace and Ecology Now.
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