Rona Barrett's Hollywood, August 1972

Like so many others, I was a fan of Pete Duel's. Wouldn't it be nice if all of us who were (fans) would give to some worthy cause in his name? Possibly Alcoholic Anonymous as he apparently had a problem in that area. It's too late to help him, but in this way others could be helped in his memory.
Carol M. S.
Wichita, Kansas
I cared very much for Pete as a person, more than as an actor. I sincerely believe Pete will someday return and with the answers he tried so hard to find. Hopefully this world will be more of the world Pete wanted so much for it to be. I will continue to pray for his soul.
A lot of us will miss Peter very much, but we will remember the joy, laughter, and yes, even the tears. This great person and actor made us laugh and cry. He wanted so much for everyone and so little for himself.
My deepest sympathies to the Duel family and Diane Ray.
Bonnie S.
Seattle, Washington
The shocking death of Peter Duel has brought sadness to many people. I'm sure of this because it has brought personal grief to me. I'm enclosing a poem I wrote about Peter. I hope it will give comfort to some as it has to me:
His voice stilled now.
The voice that brought joy to all people
His comforting smile and quick wit
And his peaceful personality
Have now left the face of this earth.
We shall not mourn in deep sadness
But rejoice in our hearts
For now he has brought joy to many other people
And finally he is at peace
For he is with God.
Salt Lake City, Utah
I want you to know how sorry I am for Pete and for those he left behind. When my sister told me she heard the shocking news on the radio I couldn't stop thinking of him all day. And I can truly say there hasn't been one day since he died that I haven't thought of Pete. I only wish there was something someone could have done to prevent such a tragic thing from happening.
I still watch the repeats of Pete on Alias Smith & Jones and just to see his smiling face makes it more unbelievable. Whenever the program ends I feel just like crying.
To think that he felt that down and depressed, feeling no other alternative but to end his life on earth. I keep thinking maybe he really didn't want to do it. Everything just piled up inside him until he couldn't stand it. Then at that moment he probably wasn't even thinking straight. One thing I know Alias Smith & Jones will never be the same without his smiling, handsome face.
Miss Karen N.
Britt, Minnesota
It has been months since Peter Duel's death, yet I and others still mourn his passing. His death was a shocking experience that has completely changed my life. Upon learning of his death, I got depressed. To ease this depression, I wrote this in his honor:
A star begins,
Conceived by its mother and father
To bring brightness and warmth
Into their life.
The star grows and gains in warmth
Until finally it is born into this universe.
A bright star
In the life of all.
As the years pass by
The star grows warmer and brighter
And it begins to shine
In many colors.
First the star kindles yellow.
A child of the universe
Playing and living life
To all its fullness.
As the star matures
It shines red.
And starts to understand its world and its position in it.
Next the star glows blue.
Searching for its true position in life.
Now the star glares white.
Its brightness and warmth and kinetic energy
Affects all who come upon it.
Then suddenly it explodes...
Black star that was once alive,
Whose light has ceased to be.
Gone now is my enlightenment.
I would also like to share something else that helped me overcome my grief. I would like to share a message, not only with your readers but also with Peter's father, mother, brother Geoffrey, sister Pamela, girlfriend Diane and friends in general:
Matthew 5:4
Suzanne K.
Panorama City, California

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