TV Radio Mirror, December 1966
Lots of girls do--so does Indus Arthur!
Peter Deuel is his name and chasing girls is his game...and isn't every other handsome bachelor the same? The difference with Pete: girls just can't "no" him! Starlet Indus Arthur, keeping our boy company on these pages, is Exhibit A. Color her affectionate. Pretty Sally Field, who acted with Pete in last season's "Gidget" series, says he is "groovy, a great guy". Color her friendly. Pixie Judy Carne, Peter's co-star in this season's charming "Love On A Rooftop", is his steadiest date. Color them compatible. Which, when you come right down to it, is nice, since they play newlyweds on the show. And if that role isn't giving Pete ideas, at least it's giving him practice. For even the swingiest single guys eventually get hooked. And that, Pete, is a sad (or is it?) fact of life. Without doubt, Indus or Sally or Judy can tell you all about it.
Girl (Indus) plus boy (Pete) plus beach equals a great time. Other Deuel enjoyments: camping, fishing, sports-car racing and hunting. And that brings it back to girls again!

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