If articles and photos can be collected, why not websites? Here are a few that I've found through diligent web-surfing.
 AS&J Itself Pete Duel
 Ben Murphy Roger Davis
 TV, History, and Gambling Harvey Logan (Kid Curry)
 AS&J Personnel Fan Fiction and Art

    AS&J Itself:

  1. AS&J Tribute Pages in Club Deb Episode guide, actor biographies, snarks, fan fiction info, and other stuff.
  2. AS&J Image Library Many nifty pictures from the AS&J pilot and episodes.
  3. AS&J Trivia A map and photos of the Universal backlot, missing scripts, and addresses for writing to request airings of AS&J and commercial videos. The site has moved and this is the new URL as of 2010.
  4. AS&J on Includes episode guide, reviews, and other info.
  5. AS&J Scenes Contains detailed info on some AS&J episodes.
  6. AS&J Page on TV Party A fun site about old TV shows.
  7. AS&J FAQ A page with info on the show.
  8. Internet Movie Database AS&J Entry From here, you can click on links to the actors, etc.
  9. Welcome to Devil's Hole A fan page on the show.
  10. Alias Smith and Jones Page Contains many video captures from the show.
  11. That's a Good Deal?! Screen captures, music videos, collages, calendar, and more.
  12. The Life and Times of Hannibal Heyes Devoted to Heyes as portrayed by Pete Duel.
  13. Ablaze for Heyes Blog discussing the AS&J episodes.
  14. BearManor Media Publisher's webpage for the AS&J book.
  15. Amazon Page for AS&J's Commercial First Season DVD Set The customer reviews are generally excellent.
  16. Wikipedia Entry on AS&J
  17. Fan History Website on AS&J Fan activities from 1971 to present.
    Pete Duel:
  18. Pete Duel Site Contains many pictures, video caps, articles, and message board.
  19. Pete Duel Memorial Site For sharing memories of Pete. Many pictures and other items on Pete.
  20. Wikipedia Entry on Pete
  21. Pete at the San Bernardino Sheriff's Rodeo Includes a great, rare newspaper clipping of Pete at the rodeo dressed as Hannibal Heyes.
  22. Findadeath page on Pete This site can sometimes be unkind or in poor taste. Fortunately, this did not happen with the original write-up on Pete, as the author is a fan of his. (However, some of the later editorial comments have been unkind.) The photos of the house were he lived and died in 1971 are recent; the extension jutting out perpendicular to the left was not built until the late 1980s.
  23. Findagrave page on Pete Includes photos of Pete's gravesite and statements from fans.
  24. Autograph World's Authenticated Peter Deuel Signature Check this out before purchasing an autograph.
  25. Gidget Episode Guide Unfortunately this doesn't indicate which episodes Pete appears in.
  26. Tim's TV Showcase: Love on a Rooftop Includes a couple of photos of Pete. Note that the ending date listed on this page is wrong. The show ran for the entire 1966-67 season.
  27. Interview with Bernard Slade The first page has a photo of Pete and Judy Carne. On the last page, the Love on a Rooftop creator talks about why that was his best TV show.
    Ben Murphy:
  28. Ben Murphy Official Website Provides news and details about Ben's upcoming appearances, plus video clips, screen captures, and other items from his career, as well as information about his tennis game.
  29. Wikipedia Entry on Ben
  30. Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt on Riding with Death About a Gemini Man compilation movie starring Ben.
  31. Michael Dante's interview with Ben Click on the M-section of the index and go to the bottom of the page. You'll find an audio file of Ben discussing a funny incident from a tennis game with Bobby Riggs that occurred in February 1988.
  32. Uniform Motion of Folly Official website for a recent movie with Ben. Jeanne C. Davis is his ex-wife.
    Roger Davis:
  33. Roger Davis Online - 2005 A website put together by Roger's cousin Mike.
  34. Where are they now? Roger Davis From Dark Shadows Online website, this includes quotes from Variety about AS&J.
  35. Dark Shadows Journal Page on Roger Davis This has a detailed biography.
  36. Dark Shadows Festival 2000 Roger can be seen in the group photo.
  37. "Builder Rebounds from Setback in 80s", Kentucky Digest, November 20, 2000 The third article on this page talks about Roger's post-AS&J career as a builder.
  38. Wikiepedia Entry on Roger
    TV, History, and Gambling:
  39. Official Peter Brown Site: Western Links Very thorough collection of links to sites about TV Westerns and Western history.
  40. Western-Outlaw History Association Many interesting links to information on the old west.
  41. Movie-Making Locations Although much of AS&J was filmed on the Universal Studios' back lot, some location footage was filmed at least two of sites shown here: Moab, Utah and California's Vazquez Rocks.
  42. The Corriganville Movie Ranch AS&J's weapons expert/stunt coordinator/Ben stand-in, Monty Laird, has been involved in restoring this ranch.
  43. The Golden Boot Awards Celebrating TV and movie Westerns.
  44. Studio Owned Lots, Backlots, and Ranches More photos of Westerns sets, including some (e.g., Disney's Golden Oak Ranch) used by AS&J.
  45. US Prime Time TV Schedule for the 1971-72 Season and the 1972-73 Season See what AS&J was up against in the TV ratings.
    Harvey Logan (aka Kid Curry):
  46. Old News: Kid Curry Captured in Tennessee
  47. Kid Curry, aka Harvey Logan
    AS&J Personnel:
  48. Encyclopedia of Television's entry on Roy Huggins A page on AS&J's executive producer.
  49. Info on Roy Huggins AS&J's executive producer.
  50. Impressions of Roy Huggins by Stephen Cannell I wonder if this 1971 editing building was for AS&J.
  51. Bill Raymond talks about Monty Laird Bill was a stuntman on AS&J and Monty was stunt coordinator, weapons expert, and Ben's stand-in on the show.
    AS&J Fan Fiction and Art:
  52. Alias Smith & Jones Fan Fiction Archive Contains original stories plus links to other fan fic sites.
  53. Alias Smith & Jones Adult Fan Fiction Archive You must be 18 to enter.
  54. The Day the Amnesty Really Came Through Fan fiction by multiple fans about people that Heyes and Curry met during the course of the series testifying on their behalf.
  55. Alias Smith and Jones Virtual Season Fan fiction written in the form of episodes.
  56. Michelle Gussow's Alias: Smith and Jones Fan Fiction Depot Includes fiction and a message board.
  57. "Judgment Day" by Neetz Complete text of a general AS&J story.
  58. AS&J Fan Fiction Presented by Buckshot Enterprises Numerous stories and a virtual season presented by many fans.
  59. Alias Smith and Jones Stories A website filled with AS&J stories by Anita.
  60. AS&J at Fan Fiction Archive Hundreds of AS&J stories by multiple writers.
  61. Waystation: Fanfic Includes an AS&J story.
  62. Alias Smith & Jones on You Tube Includes a number of fan-made videos about the show and its actors.
  63. AS&J Page at Neon Rainbow Press This group publishes fanzines with AS&J fiction.
  64. Oldiesloon A place to find music of the AS&J era.
  65. Memorable TV An interesting "Golden Age" TV website.

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